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5th Jul 2020 09:12

Hello, Good morning Moon.girl
The sun has come out!

Today the third Eclipse I foretold you about,

This morning cast a shadow over our world.


I have complied with your wish…



The Chameleon Poet

I jostle and joke play around with words
Sometimes as a villain, a lord or a bard
Sometimes I am old sometimes I am young
Sometimes a curveball, often I’ve flung
I’ve been a woman, a man, a boy and a girl
A mad hatter, Oh! And a postman
Dressed in vermilion as the chameleon unfurled

I have been black and white
The Red Indian chief. The Yellow Kung Fu master
The insect beneath, the fly on the wall
The drug taker and dealer
A spiff, a grand cad even a peeler
Clean as a whistle and stunk like a skunk
From responsibilities deliberately shrunk
A spider a bird flying so high
Fully alive or yes! Ghosts that have died.

In real life...

A baby, an infant, a happy innocent boy
A teenager, a man into chaos was hurled.
Studied at school, not very well
Nothing much interested me if honesty I tell
Went on to college to study electrical engineering
Practised martial arts and esoteric doctrines.

Filled my time with meditation and studying religion
Worked alongside the army and the long arm of the law
DNA the scope through often I saw
My poetry reflects on what I've done and seen
some of it beautiful some of it obscene.
There is NEVER any beauty at a horrendous crime scene.

My poetry has always been my rock.

Now yesterday looking irreligion


These comments might just give a flavour of my life
Those who truly know me, know I know the afterlife
For it has always been my strongest calling
Never has my belief ever fallen.

If God exists and is religious at all
When looking at his creation
It must truly appal.

I say ‘if’ because I’ve never seen him
Nor Jesus nor the Devil or witnessed his fall

Now Angels!

Well they are another entity entirely
I have seen them and they have seen me.

The fact we commune… Only God can decree.

So here is my conundrum, a paradox for sure
I am an oxymoron nothing less nothing more.

Some interesting comments on this old poet thread, click above and read what back then was said.


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Paul Sayer

Sat 18th Jul 2020 06:30

Hi Shehariah. Thank you for your words of encouragement.


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Sat 18th Jul 2020 03:59

Again, you are a brilliant writer.


Mon 6th Jul 2020 07:50

Its a little autobiographical poem. Though much imagination's used, but its a wonderful life worth lived. From an infant, to a child, to boy, and then a lover, with passion zeal and power marching into a future of manhood.

How picturesque. Like a movie it flows. Giving insights into all the achievements made and all the wonderful tasks undertaken.

A thoroughly enjoyed piece. I loved it to bits and pieces. As always a wonderfully thought and well written poem.

Getting to know so much from your writes. Good you share.😍

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Paul Sayer

Mon 6th Jul 2020 07:14

Vautaw, thank you for your constant support and encouragement.

We are just over halfway through this year and I fear worse is to come.

There is so much going on globally behind the scenes that will impact all of us in the months and years ahead.

If ever there was a time in Earth's history for us all to unite it is now.

We will see how the superpowers of the world will rage against each other in a sabre-rattling process that will be like no other seen in recent history.

The BLAME game is well underway.

Poets have a responsibility to speak out, to seek the truth. To write down for future generations to see how the fall of the empires evolved through the eyes of the innocents.

Those with power will do all within their power to keep it.

The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

Let us not wait for a war to end, and the peace treaty to be brokered to be signed.

Let us write it and sign NOW! Whilst we have the liberty and freedom to do so.

Poets call to disarm!

Write as if your very life depended upon it...
For in truth for many of us it does.

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Sun 5th Jul 2020 23:25

What a fascinating life Po. Chameleons are among my favorite creatures, able to adapt to any environment. So glad you are here, our northern star. 🌟

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Paul Sayer

Sun 5th Jul 2020 19:02

The effects you are feeling are part of the cleansing that you are going through.

It will subside soon follow the meditation I have sent you.

Be Well


Sun 5th Jul 2020 18:29

I'm glad to see it here. This piece deserves to have it's own throne.

Will write in detail when I recover.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 5th Jul 2020 16:46

Thank you, P.

I have so much to say and yet say so little.

Keith, I am glad you have seen this and hit the flower.
Your thoughts run deeper than most.

Thank you.

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Sun 5th Jul 2020 16:27

Interesting self analysis Po - well put. P

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