Fools gold

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Fools gold


This will take some digging to understand.

some things are planned


some are golden opportunities

some are fools gold


or worse real gold, however...

just the tiniest dip to unfold


when tarnished and worn

rust, corrosion and confusion lie beneath.


No real hallmark

As in no hallmark at all


How easy it is we fall

Fair… not fair at all


Luck is not a word to use

To say you were lucky when abused


The luck is not a golden band

Upon your finger, before you understand


That gold was only there for fools

They sadly fall for… then abused


Without the hope of respite

For them just days and days of spite


Vindictiveness the tarnish

Cruelty the wear


Until at last, you understand

What was never there!



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Paul Sayer

Fri 3rd Jul 2020 12:35

Hello Vautaw

I hoped you would see this, I always enjoy seeing you have dropped in.

Thanks for that little flower.


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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 19:35

Thank you for the like Anna

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 17:30

Moon.girl I read and read some more
to see such wonders outside my door
I need no travel to travel far
from where I am to where you are.

Your wisdom is not superfluous
Your words opaque no longer
Transparency is impossible to see
Less otherwise it would not be



Thu 2nd Jul 2020 17:24

Such beautiful pretty hands.....Noor and softness.

Gold or no gold, everything is a myth. Reality is just one....and my wise friend you know the answer to this one.

What you see isn't real, what is real cant be seen, what is hidden is beautiful, what is beautiful is hidden.

My wise friend Po, we have wisdom overdose...give us some mirth and laughter. That smile is gold, that happiness is gold and desires are but fools gold.


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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 17:23

Hello Jon

what a band we make us poets 😉

Thanks for rolling up old friend

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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 17:21

Bar none P.

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Thu 2nd Jul 2020 17:14

Eureka, guilty, golden, gelt, smelting somewhere near you. 👍

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