Soar to success

As I opened my beautiful eyes to this lovely day

I saw all positivity filled in every corner of the air

There are reasons many why the existence is important

I am exploring these and many more one by one

Life is good when your heart and mind are actually peaceful

Dancing lightly over the edges of a cliff before a mighty flight

Like an eagle soaring higher and higher reaching outer realms

When peace surrounds you, faith abounds you, convictions within you

It's an experience where one would like to stay forevermore 

It's a hard earned achievement, after sacrificing fears and weakness

Boldly I stand to face the world, humbly I stand before my Almighty God

What is bound to happen will happen, and things that are to reach me will never miss me

With these thoughts in mind I cultivate a field for the positive seeds to give me life of heavenly kind

◄ Steadfastness

Moongirl.thehulk ►


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Wed 1st Jul 2020 13:51

Thank Abdul. Hope the positive thoughts surrounds the whole of humankind.

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Abdul Ahmad

Wed 1st Jul 2020 09:29

As the Italians say, "what will happen will happen".

Why be anxious when the outcome is determined?

Enjoyed this poem filled with positive thoughts.

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