This Time Around

Why, you ask me,

Why did you come back

To this place?


Come back? You don't understand.

I never left.


The people; I answer you,

Holding back thoughts and memories,

Afraid of showing just how much 

The People,

Meaning You, and the others,

Have impacted my life.


I looked at the skyline again tonight,

The same skyline I stared at on my final call with you.


I remember that day,

Looking out over the city and the lights, 

Knowing that by leaving, 

I was risking a chance of never coming back.


I have thought of that moment often since that night.


It has been almost four years

And tonight I recount to you times,

Places, faces,

And to my pleasant surprise, 

You remember.


It has been four years,

And tonight, I showed you what I can do

Because of your example

Because of who you are

I pray that I am living up to your standards.



Have simply no idea

How your words changed my life.


They warned me 

That this time around,

Things may not be quite the same.


But they are better.

Oh, are they better.


◄ Lima Charlie

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