Bird Box

Take off your blindfold.


Although the darkness is familiar, 



                     It is no place in which to spend your life.


Covering your eyes

                               May mask you from the rest of the world,

But it will not hide you from yourself.


The light will get through,

       And when you finally see,


You will hit your knees.


My dearest love, 

                   You are not forsaking me...


You cannot run from your reflection.


You can shatter the glass, cover the mirror,

                                           Drape it in whatever tapestry

              You think the world may believe.


  Will never




But do not once think for a second,


That through these masquerades, 

                               I cannot see.


And even if it is never 



You must embrace yourself.


I am telling you,


You must stop hiding from your soul.



It has 

To be.


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