I saw you last night
Again in my dreams
We smiled and we hugged 
And you held me but brief,

And when she called out for you,
I started to leave.

A few steps toward the door 
But my soul turned around.
My body soon followed
Whilst your eyes searched the ground. 

Wait, I demanded, 
You don't understand 
What you're throwing away  
By not taking my hand. 

Could you not feel the madness, 
The terror, the spark,
When we danced in the rain, 
When we breathed in the dark?

When the world disappeared 
When you looked in my eyes?
No, I can't stand this. 
I can't watch it die.

We've seen so much heartache, 
Such turmoil, such pain,
So much more than a "person"
Could ever explain.

And I know without question
What I have with you 
Is different than "love",
And you know it, too. 

Stop fumbling, stop mumbling, 
Stop looking for reasons -
You know who you are, 
You know what you believe in.

I know that it scares you, 
Shakes you to the bone
I know you think it's better
To go through this alone.

But, my god, my love,

If you didn't know me 
The second you met me,
If what you remembered 
Was some made up story,

If you searched my eyes
And never looked at my soul,
If all we are is living 
And waiting to grow old,

Then why the hell were we put here
To meet in such a way
That brought us together
And altered our fate?

Your eyes, my reflection.
My words, your meaning.
One soul, one purpose. 

I wasn't just dreaming.

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Wed 1st Jul 2020 05:20

Beautifully expressed!! I loved it so much.

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