No. No Title.

I want you to know that I don't want to do this.
I want you to know that I never wanted it to be this way.
That I loved you with all of my heart.
That I would hold on forever if you let me.
But it has become painstaking clear
That I am holding on to something that is already long gone.
I cannot keep watching, waiting, listening
For a sound I will not hear, a time that will not come;
And not because of fate -
Because you are choosing. Have chosen.
You have made your decision.
And that is the hardest.
To try to understand, when you said so many times...
I suppose that does not matter.
To keep longing for you, missing you, loving you
When you do not want to be loved
Is not only doing an injustice to myself, but an injustice to you.
I only hope that you were able to get what you needed from me,
That you find what you are looking for,
And that someday, you are able to come to terms with yourself.


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