Now I Am Angry

Now I am angry.
But that's what you wanted,
Isn't it?
You wanted to piss me off
So much so that I would hate you,
Hate you like I said I never would.
For so long
That - kept me - from being angry.
Or maybe that really wasn't your reason after all,
Maybe you are a narcissistic sociopath,
Telling your goddamn lies to get what you wanted from me.
Did you?
Are you fucking happy now?
Maybe you don't remember
What it feels like to lose someone.
To lose everything.
Maybe you don't remember
How it destroyed you and ruined your life.
Maybe that's why you felt it was
To ruin mine?
Now I am angry,
Because I know
That having me in your life
Isn't conducive to believing your own lies.
(It's your lie, you tell it how you want?)
God only knows what you're telling her.
To tell you the truth,
I would hide too if I were you.
You should be terrified.
So yes, sir,
I am angry now.
I suppose it's all part of the process.

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