Why now.

I did so well
For so many weeks
Why now
Am I screaming at the windshield
Yelling your name like it's my final breath
Why now am I questioning,
Remembering every little detail
Why is it torturing me,
Burning my soul, why
Does your memory haunt me
When I wake, when I sleep,
On every drive home
Is the shadow of your presence following me
Why is it mocking my every move
Do you have me in such a chokehold
Can't I just let you be
When I know it's what you want
WHY can't I
Convince myself that this was all a lie
WHY can't I accomplish one mundane task without wanting to call you
WHY do I look back
And smile
Why is this KILLING ME
Are you gone
Can you not hear me
Will you not look at me,
Look at me,
See it,
Why can't you see what this has done to me,
I am broken, so broken.
Why, gemello,

Just why.

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