Human life is absolutely a miracle to begin with.

So when somebody says, here is a heart, it has stopped beating. Here are your tools. Fix it. Bring back life. 

Where do you even begin?

Eight sets of eyes staring at me, 

                                                              Do something.

I have one patient, one EMT, three firemen, four policemen, one family member. 

And one million things to figure out. 

Who is this woman lying dead on the floor?

What is her medical history?

What happened tonight that lead up to this?

What is her heart doing?

Who is doing CPR?

Are they doing it effectively?

Who is managing her airway?

Do we need to suction?

Can I find a vein?

Is it time for more medication?

Does she have a pulse yet?

Will she? What will I have to do if she doesn't?

What will I have to do if she does?

How are we getting out of here?

Who is driving us to the hospital?

What do I need to say to the family?

                                                                   All the while

Finding a vein.

Starting an IV.

Reading the monitor.

Scribbling information on my arm.

Giving medication.


And then suddenly, 

                                     There it is.

And off we go and someone makes it a point to tell me, "Nice job."

Oh sir. If you only knew what it has taken to get here.

You see, when I suctioned her tracheostomy tube?

It is because the last time someone with a tracheostomy coded on me, he needed suctioned. 

I learned from that.

When I assigned a job to everyone in the room? 

It is because I have learned it prevents chaos.

When I talked calmly but directly to her painfully distraught family member? 

It is because I have learned not to give anyone false hope. 

When I checked her glucose?

It is because last time, I forgot.

When I gave my report to the doctor and he didn't ask a thousand questions?

It's because I answered them before he had the chance to ask me everything he asked me last time. 


This job is a hard climb up a steep ladder.

And I have a long way to go.

But from where I am now, I can see where I started,

                                              And still I climb 


I just want to make you proud.

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