A Fire

A fire you set, yet never to see

For years you had doused me with gasoline 

You struck a match and chose to retreat

Deaf, beyond miles from my bloodcurdling screams.


And the fire did consume all of me,

The weeds, the flowers, the moss, the trees

Until smouldering piles of brush and leaves 

Were all that was left - an ashen scene. 


But an ashen scene to a human eye

For a human eye could all but see

That below the dirt and left to grow 

Was a seed you planted inside of me.


A seed so deep below the soil 

That even the fire could not touch

And when the rain had doused the flames,

I was left with that seed, and that seed was enough.


You see, you destroyed me. I will not deny.

And since you won't see the story unfold 

You should know that it was my ego you burned, 

And what burned has made room 

                                          For the growth of my soul.

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