I couldn't believe it
When I got the call.
God no,
I thought,
It is finally

I couldn't believe it
Until I saw you,
Lying there,
So small,
I almost lost it then.

Up and away you went
In the arms of your rescuers.
He soothed you
while I
Prepared to breathe for you.

Then you
To cry;

I have never been so happy
In my entire life.

We passed you on
To the arms of a higher level
Of expertise

There were smiles.

Yet my heart
Curled up with caution
I was afraid to find
That we were merely in the eye
Of this terrible storm.

And so we were.

When you stopped crying
This time
You started convulsing
The light gone from your eyes
I watched smiles
From sunshine to thunder clouds
In no time.

Only moments later
I found out why.

You were bleeding
You precious, innocent baby,
On the inside.

Because monsters do exist,
Because fate pulled this awful twist,
Because someone
Who was supposed to love you

I made it home before I finally cried
But not before I saw your face
In my mind
A thousand times
And begged and pleaded
And asked God why

Though I know the outcome
My dearest child
I can't help but to pray
That somehow
You make it out
Of this


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