Brave Soul

I wish I could tell you 
Things like this didnt happen
But being who you are 
You know better. 

I wish I could tell you 
This was all just a terrible dream
But you saw it with your own eyes
And now your life has changed forever. 

I can't change the outcome,
I can't take it all back.
So instead, I will tell you 
What now to expect.

You will replay
It will hurt,
Let it.
It will burn,
Allow it.
Tears will well,
Let them fall.
You will hear his voice,
You will scream,
It will echo
In your soul,
And that's okay.

You will never understand.
It will never make any sense.
It is unimaginable,
Unfair and and horrificly tragic.

It will change who you are,
Embrace it.

Love deeper,
Breathe slower,
And as hard as is,

Never deny yourself 

The chance to truly live. 

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