Helium Ride


 You found me

At the edge of a steep cliff
Standing on the tallest rock
Feet planted not so firmly
As if I was more afraid
To remain than to fall.

Looking back at you, I smiled
Tears of joy running down my face
As I proudly exclaimed,
I can fly!
My words put fear into your eyes
You knew that I would certainly try.

There is a better way, you said
And as I turned my curious head
You took my hand, pulled me from the ledge
And away we went.
Me, trusting you,
Away we went.

Me, trusting you,
Watching your eyes
As you tied, one at a time,
A hundred thousand balloons
To my arms, my legs, my waist,
Then stepped back, and smiled.

Pleased with yourself, you whispered,
Now try.
So I spread my wings
And began to fly
Up, up and away
Into cloudy skies.

Up up and away I floated, and I
Was a way away when I realized
I was headed straight for the sun
And subsequently, my demise.
I flapped my arms desperately
But alas, fate had already made up her mind.

I watched you on the ground from my place in the sky
As balloons on you, you began to tie
And up you floated after me
Until the outer space I reached
You hung your head, pulled out a knife
And silently started to cut your strings

Back to the earth you slowly fell
As I floated onward, coming closer to hell
And you questioned if you had done the right thing;
You only ever wanted to save me
You only ever wanted to save me
You only ever wanted to save me.

Pop pop pop
Pop pop pop pop
Pop pop
Pop pop pop pop pop pop
Pop pop pop pop


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