maybe if i am on my best behavior,

if i get straight A's

maybe if i never miss a homework assignment,

perfect attendance


maybe if i'm good at something,

theater, acting, honor society

maybe if i lose weight, 

exercise, refuse to eat


Maybe if I go to college,

4.0, never touch a single drug

Maybe if I work three jobs,

Back to back, between 18 credits


Maybe if I face my fears,

Climbing ladders, put out fires

Maybe if I try to be like you,

Medical classes, drinking beer


Maybe if I do it all alone,

Earn every dollar, pay every bill

Maybe if I win awards,

Volunteer service, printed certificates


Maybe if I graduate,

3.63, Magna Cum Laude,

Maybe if I work even harder,

Days keeping peace, nights running red lights


Maybe if I master a trade,

Get a promotion, get a raise

Maybe if I fight the grim reaper,

Put myself though hell, push epinephrine


Maybe if I conquer life, 

Revive parents, bring forth babies

Find myself spinning

Driving ninety miles an hour to get

Grandma to the hospital in time

Give saving breath to a teenager

Stick needles in my own skin

Just to understand how it hurts

A little girl screaming, "I want Mommy"

I know honey, so do I 

Maybe if I bring her back to life,

Fix her for you, it will fix her for me


Maybe if I die

And you find 

These crumpled up sheets of paper,

Eminem style, lyrics flying,

Find me crying, pleading,

Love me, love me, love me, love me...


Maybe if I learn to love myself

Because you couldn't

And understand why,


I will finally find peace.


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