Its My Turn Now

A class act you put on, and that's understated

Your audience, applauding, gave you a standing ovation

And I was meerly a prop in your scene decoration

Now your curtain is closing and I'm waiting patiently

For you to realize that this time I am the main character

Keep rehearsing your lines, you're only vamping my overture

The spotlight is mine, now take a bow and get out of here

Don't make a mistake, this is stage fright, it's not fear

I will fight you with your own knife, you think that I'm joking

But I'm sick of your blame game, shit so thick that I'm choking

It might have taken a few tries, but I slammed the door I left open

Now I'm leaving you outside, it's a shame, this bond's broken

And there ain't no hope for repair, so you can cut the fake crying

You say you're so in despair, it's the truth that you're trying

But behind your empty eyes I can see that you're lying 

I'm not gonna stumble this time, I'm leaving, goodbye my 

Whatever you were supposed to be in my life

I truly have no idea, I need a few minutes to catch my breath, but you best

Believe I'm not even remotely afraid, your show's over, get over it -

It's my turn now, 

Go on, take your final bow.

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