Between the lines

Between The Lines


I am the man behind the mask

I am the question people don’t ask

I seek the answers people don’t want to know

I look for things hidden that should be on show

I am the subconscious buried so deep

I am the keeper of secrets you keep

I know where you're going I know when you’ve been

I know everything even your dream

I am the author of all that you write

I am the lamp that gives you your light

I am the darkness that hides in the night

I am invincible the infinite power

I am the seconds that make up the hour

I am your life's breath every in every out

I am your certainty

I am your doubt

I am the rhythm the meter and rhyme


I am the white space between every line.

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A working-class poet ►


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Thu 2nd Jul 2020 16:01

25 days from now It will be too late for me to answer that Anna.

Soooooooooo YES!

Just keep writing!

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Thu 2nd Jul 2020 15:57

Yes, I am the Walrus. But the key question is will I still be one when I'm 64?


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Tue 30th Jun 2020 10:31

Dean, racha, Shifa, Mocosy and Julie

Thank you all also so much for hitting the like button.

It is always so heartwarming to see other poets supporting each other.

Sometimes we don't always receive many if any comments and can feel that we are not 'worthy' of any.

That is hardly ever the case. Time is so precious and we all mostly lead busy lives.

This self-emposed lockdown has for many of us meant we have a little more time to write and to read.

Plus I have noticed time to hit the like on more stuff that we do like here at WOL. From poets who we don't normally see much of because perhaps we are not signed in at the same time.

So if it is not on the first page it is out of sight and out of mind.

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Tue 30th Jun 2020 07:12

Hello Vautaw

It is so nice to see you dropping in to read my little poem.

Your comments mean a great deal to me.

Thank you so much for your continued friendship and support.


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Tue 30th Jun 2020 00:08

Wow Po, you hit a home run with this one. Love it. Write on! ❤️🙏🌟

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 18:30

Hello Anna, how true your words are.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

What a wise old walrus

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 18:24

I am me and you are we
And we're all together.

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 16:26

I am Leon a dedicated follower of passion.

The generosity of spirit shown here from and towards others over the last few months has been a joy to see.

Your symbol 'the clenched fist' shows might.

not as in might to spite

You are like the mighty Quin

I am so pleased you returned to help shore us up.


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Mon 29th Jun 2020 16:20

Hello Abdul
It is great to read your comments both here and on the work of others.

You have a gentle way with words that pass through the armour as easy as a hot knife through butter.

Your poetry has been and is a joy to read since you joined.

We all have a different style a different way to often say the same things. Which is where we gain strength in numbers in getting a message across.

When we feel isolated and alone we attract the poems and poets that will guide us and give us strength.

Those of us who 'think' we are strong find that the written words upon our screen can scream out at us when written from the quietness of the heart and stillness of a calm meek mind.

A willow will bend with the breeze whereas a mighty Oak will with all its strength stubbornness and failure to be flexible and move to be toppled by an invisible force.

You and your garden is a testament to the power of nature.

If we find ourselves in the pit of despair then a willow the wisp approach will not give the support that is needed as a pit prop. To perhaps temporally hold up the heavens until we can climb out and see the wonders above and around us.

This poem 'Between the Lines' really is for me a deep insight.
It says to me what I can not.

What a paradoxical write this was.

Thank you again for your support

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 16:16

' they seek him here they seek him there but he is never ever static
no, he's not the scarlet pimpernel but someone more cunning

he's Mr Poemagraphic! 😉


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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 29th Jun 2020 15:42

Previous visitors have summed up the emotions the author arouses in readers of his works and the generous comments he offers on the work of others with his unique wit.

His words are well chosen and never fail to hit the bulls eye.

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 14:39

Missed flippancy led to doggerel creativity. Hope we have a good laugh at the expense of my flippancy. 😛

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 14:33

Julie hello, trying to sneak in read and drift off thinking I don't know you've been... didn't you read that line?

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 14:30

I am reminded of Faulty Towers here M.g

The part where the Spanish waiter does not understand Basil.

It is interesting to me to see how many poets here at WOL write such amazing poetry when English is not their first language.

I will get attacked by the PC brigade now I expect.

I can't even write well in English and I was born and bred here.

You say "I miss the flippancy at times and fail to read it. So close to understanding but I miss it😢"

Trust me when I say there are lots of people who read my stuff that never see it.

Find it hard to tell if I'm serious or just taking the mick (that's like extracting the urine if you're posh).

How hard is it to understand people that can write well in English let alone plebs like me?

YOU have just inspired me to write another poem!!!

LOOK: Most of the doggerel I write is your fault!

That is meant to be funny btw. 🥰

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 14:13

I miss the flippancy at times and fail to read it. So close to understanding but i miss it😢

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 13:08

Mocosy, thank you for reading and hitting the like.


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Mon 29th Jun 2020 07:18

I am in awe of your way to see beyond the words

It is like I am waiting to catch up at times.

A bit like that old saying...

"He who laughed last did not get the joke"

You always get the joke and or the seriousness of the flippancy of my poetry at times.

You are that space between the lines G

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 07:11


I liked that space between the last two lines justifying your stance

Follow my mind and dreams for I'm following yours too without blanks and spaces

"If you're going take the winged angel along with thee
Hell breaks loose if separate she is to keep
But if decisions all taken in best of interest
Then may the wings heal and the angel too"

You have unmasked your soul by writing here yourself that you hold

Your mask is as beautiful as is your soul, either way you are a look to behold

Loved this piece Po. So much to know, yet so much to Know.

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