Yesterday’s tomorrow

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Yesterday’s tomorrow


I took my thoughts and stopped to rest awhile

Beside the sea of red. The fields ablaze with poppy red

Akin to the fields of Flanders bled

The lifeforce seeped from kith and kin

What poetry, justice, longings bring


For written down seem just empty words

Voices that the past disturbed

Here I find reflection

Deep beneath heavenly skies

Memories keep.


Days of summer

Youthful innocence

Ran through fields like this

And futures planned

Mown down

Just like this field of seeds

To grow once more

In dreams succeed


To show their suffering

was not in vain

Tears begin to fall

like summer rain



For the fallenPo

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 18:29

Thank you all for hitting that little flower it does mean a lot to me to know you have taken the time to read my poetry.


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Sun 28th Jun 2020 17:17

John, thank you also for hitting like button.

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 17:12


Click on the link in my reply to Brian below of our local paper.

It shows the photos that are quite literally on my doorstep from a few days ago.

The verse you added is also is very touching.

Thank you for your support.

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 17:07

M.C. your rhyming post is superb

Thank you

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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 28th Jun 2020 16:42


I agree that the photograph is well choosen. The soldier marching through the poppy field is an iconic image of the great war.

Your words echo those of yesterday's poets and help keep the memories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice alive.

"If ye break faith with us who die, we shall no sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields"

"a pulse in the eternal mind, no less."

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 28th Jun 2020 16:16

Yesterday's Harvest sown
Took the seed of our own
Never to flower and be seen
Except in rows of red on green.

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 15:59

Hi, Nicola, I am happy to see you here hitting the like.

Thank you for reading.

Be Well

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 14:13

Hi Dean, thank you for hitting the like.

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 12:56

Hi Abdul

I noticed you sneak in and hit the like.

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 10:25

Hi P, Shifa and Julie, thank you all for dropping in and hitting the like.

Have a great Sunday

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 09:21

Po the naked poet🤔🤫🤭

The sun has soaked up your clothes it seems and why would on a nudist beach anyone would go wearing clothes. Brian n you seem to have enjoyed the same beach.....hehehe

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 08:54

Well M.g in a week of temperatures over 30 and a suntan to die for, it hailed and I was freezing my arse off.

You never know what to wear...

Last week I wore nothing, nothing except a smile.

We have one of the best nudist beaches on the planet, right here next to Sleepy Hollow.

It is huge and flat with golden sands and blue skies and a fine verdant pine forest backdrop.

The two-meter rule is never an issue at Holkham.

I spend many an hour meditating and practicing yoga and Tai chi
on the shoreline watching the sky holding hands with the sea.
Oh and writing poetry.

Po the naked poet.😎

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 08:40

Climate change results in varied weather conditions not only in a week but also in a day. It rains, then sunny, then cloudy, then windy, then cold, then thunderstorms, it might start snowing😂

These days seasons for everything and anything showing up anytime and anywhere 🥰🤩

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 08:40

Hello Moon.girl

Your poetry brings sunshine on the gloomiest of days.

There is a season for everything and everything has its season.

I think there might be poem about that somewhere...

Thanks for hitting the like

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 08:36

Brian the timing is what the timing is mate.

Thank you for your comment.

It always a good time to write whatever the season outside says.

Which here is like all four seasons in a week lol.

The time to see the poppy fields and take stock is RIGHT NOW...

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 08:30

If we have patience enough to wait
Future always has something for us great
Sufferings and pain are like the thorns of Rose
Unless accepted with thorns what beauty arose

Tears of happiness or tears of sorrows
Emotional rainshowers always brings joy
Lightens the heart of all the burdens it Carries
Making one feeling peaceful and sorrows it buries

What a beautiful poem Po. So much wisdom to pick from. If lessons are learnt properly then nothing can ever keep the success n happiness away.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 28th Jun 2020 08:25

Great poem, wrong timing...but who cares? I know I don't...perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it.

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