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I have had a few days ‘unplugged’ It is good to get away from the high-tech fast-paced way that is now the norm. We rely on our computer’s tablets, and mobile phones so much for what seems like almost everything we do. I do not use a mobile phone hardly. As for social media, I refrain from going on these platforms to a greater extent because of these two main reasons

  1. Firstly, and foremost it so time-consuming.
  2. It can be very bias in certain respects, certainly, if we believe in the ‘facts’ that the news channels show us regarding the topics of the day. Politics, Religions, Wars, Famines, Civil unrest, Climate change, Race wars, COVID 19.  The list is ever-growing depending on what can be used to distract and or manipulate us in the way we think.

The facts and the truth are often obscured from us.  The sad situation in many parts of the World does not hit mainstream news. We have the biggest war waging, raging daily for years now that has left hundreds of thousands displaced, diseased famine ridden and dead.  Countless families shattered that will never recover.  The death toll is escalating exponentially and will continue to do so unabated. Governments across the world are afraid to step in and help in this humanitarian crises of truly biblical proportions.

In the meantime, we rejoice in the fact that we can go on holiday!


We hear the term ‘the second wave’ concerning COVID 19. We have not even begun to see the full effects of the first wave yet.  Still, in many countries, the numbers continue to rise daily at a terrifying rate.

Easing lockdown restrictions too soon have, as we can now witness in many countries brought about disastrous consequences. When the second wave does hit the Global population will stand in awe and watch in terror as the pandemic decimates the global economy and cause a reduction in the world’s population never before seen in recorded history.   

Doom. Doom, we're all doomed!





This picture I have painted above is true and a work of fiction a figment of an overactive imagination perhaps.

We all see exactly what we want to see… and what we DON’T want to see.

The focus we give each thought is paramount, is supreme.  We can do nothing, and watch one scenario unfold or make a decision to bring about change.   

 Always remember the infinite power of the mind… Your Mind!


The biggest question perhaps is…  ‘Do you mind?’


There are people here at WOL and in the world who Do mind, who do care. Who do wish to bring about change.

Be that in whatever areas you feel passionate about or that needs your attention.

Write… write to your leaders, write to your MPs, write to your Government’s write to the war-lords, the dictators write in your thousands in your millions WRITE OUT LOUD!

I want to return to points i & ii above.



Not with fires in the street, not with fires that burn down houses and factories and peoples livelihoods and homes. Use the power of the internet of the mobile phones of your tablets.

Spread an anti-virus right across our World.





Understand… That we will no longer tolerate discrimination of ANY kind against ANYBODY.



By sitting quietly, calmly, composed, connected together, in one voice with one mind.

YOU! Have the power to bring about change.



Get your poetry, your words out to the world tell people to come here to WOL to read and write themselves about the injustice they see. The suffering they witness.

However, there is so so much more we-you can do with the power of your written word, so many places you can voice what matters gain followers join groups be part of a Global, peaceful movement for change.

NOW! ...  DO IT NOW!

Borrow the name ‘WRITE OUT LOUD’ if you feel the need, Point them here to your words if you wish.

Put your name to what you write or become part of a collective with ONE voice.


This post may be deleted your posts maybe… Will be deleted from some places.

This is to be expected and it does not matter because you will have it saved have posted on social media platforms everywhere in every language in every country.

Do not Copywrite your thoughts allow any and everybody to copy and paste the words.

Have no care who takes the credit… just as long as someones read it!





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Sun 28th Jun 2020 06:58

Shifa, Thank you for your like and wise comments

The world might be in shambles right now, but when poets like US shed light on such hard-hitting issues, it helps US see a silver lining. Makes US realize we're not that incapacitated after all. Gives US hope that the virtuous will always have an edge over the corrupt.

You wrote this, I just altered it a tad, so that you can see what you do do to uplift not only you Shifa, but many.

You went on to say...

"Hope is all we need to survive.
Let's collectively strive
To create a better tomorrow
To douse our worries and sorrows."

That is poetry Shifa

Thank you

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Shifa Maqba

Sun 28th Jun 2020 06:47

Great piece as usual, Po! Even though this entry does not fall under traditional poetry, it's still a lyrical masterpiece!

The world might be in shambles right now, but when poets like you shed light on such hard-hitting issues, it helps me see a silver lining. Makes me realize we're not that incapacitated after all. Gives me hope that the virtuous will always have an edge over the corrupt.

Hope is all we need to survive.
Let's collectively strive
To create a better tomorrow
To douse our worries and sorrows.

Thought provoking!

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 20:22

AVISHEK thank you for reading this and hitting the like.

However, if we just read and accept or reject nothing changes.

Even the power of your vote or non-vote (which is your freedom to chose) will not be enough to bring about the change the world is crying out for.

Pulling down relics of the past can not and will not ever change the past, or undo the wrongs we did.

I watched the Berlin Wall Fall... I am sure that many of us thought it would change the whole world, perhaps even in just a small way for most of us.

Today I watch the walls being built to divide us all yet again.

We fight to build them and we fight to protect them and fight to pull them down... As I see it in a very simplistic manner, the common denominator here is... 'We Fight'

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 20:06

M.C. you input here is so welcomed.

Where have all the great orators gone? Where are the movers and shakes?

Where are the true leaders of our world?

Not sitting in seats of Governments'. Although, yes, of course, many many hold positions of power that understand in far more depth I.

I am just a bear of small brain... Gosh! I can't even spell my own name said Po oh!

Where have we gone so wrong? Have we freely given away our freedoms in the name of 'The War on Terror'

That is a rhetorical question.

Your remarks are comforting to understand.

Truism's, each remark you have penned here.

Have we lost the power to even debate?

I like you M.C. often ask questions knowing that I will receive no replies. That does not and will not stop me from asking the questions and seeking the answers.

I firmly believe that if you want an answer to a question, you have to ask that question.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 27th Jun 2020 18:20

Take a trip back through the centuries. One thing is constant:
the "good versus bad" in human nature, with one modern
exception perhaps. Now, instead of nations confronting and addressing their own problems, the world has become a global
conceit in which the most distant outposts of our species are
introduced with pervasive regularity into our lives, with their
various governments' failures and responsibility to act (and react)
somehow transferred (off-loaded?) to others to deal with. Never in
history have their been so many "charitable" concerns moving
vast sums of money across the globe in furtherance of "relieving"
the suffering of the less fortunate in their own lives but just as
relevant - the woeful inadequacies of their own governments.
The Bible poses the question "Am I my brother's keeper?" This
is still relevant today. There is no easy "fix" - and never has been.
But at least we are all too aware of it and countless fine efforts
are made to alleviate the hardship and suffering that never seem
to fade from human existence. In the meantime, Nature itself
recognises no need to safeguard lifeforms that show weakness
or sickness. Only the human condition shows any interest,
ability and commitment to stand against those that exist in the
world, even extending them to benefit species that have no way of
doing likewise.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 18:11

Hi RoseMary, thank you for taking the time to read and hitting the like.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 16:56

Leon, Thank you for your support and kind comments over the last few months.

It is an absolute must for me to unplug and distance myself from the world to understand my part in it.

I, at times, feel like a fish out of water.

I find here at WOL people like you who see that little bit further that little bit deeper. Who strive to dig deeper into the whole.

Your poetry is certainly something that I look forward to reading.
I feel I should say, I await, good-naturedly the addition to your Bio my friend 😉.


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Dr. Kishore R. Nikam

Sat 27th Jun 2020 16:54

You are true, Po.


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Sat 27th Jun 2020 16:43

The hidden side of the work our doctors and nurses do daily is now being seen by more and more people.

The hidden inner-worlds of our mind Dr Kishore is ever unfolding
in ways that are quite staggering.

The past few months have seen an outpouring of peoples souls as we come to terms with our mortality.

You must see in your professional life a different story to that which most of us see.

Your poetry is a means of expressing that side of your self that perhaps without this outlet would go unseen, unexpressed.

If so, I like you have found this to be a very insightful way of expression and introspection bringing these 'inner-worlds' out into the open.

My own work-life certainly allowed me an insight into the depths of human depravity we are all capable of descending too.


Conversely the deeps of humankind's kindness.

This epoch in our history will show future generations our true color's in every sense of the meaning.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 16:38

Thank you for a LOT of hard work man and how right you are!
For me when I.T. gets too much is a time when I make use of our local moorlands......😴....ahhhhhhh!

oh! that ageless gift of nature!

Take care matey.


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Dr. Kishore R. Nikam

Sat 27th Jun 2020 16:24

Thanks, Po, for such a nice essay!

It definitely expands the horizons of an inner world.

Dr. Kishore

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 16:00

Makes me happy n smiles lingers. Will await the rest of it.

P n L

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 15:47

Anmolpreet thank you for liking this post.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 14:31

Your words have really lifted my spirit M.g

I will expound more later.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 14:28

Innumerable times Po. It's a divine inspiration guiding souls. I get your words clearly. Now I realize deeply.

Many a works are achieved and complete in heavenly realms only time and space being different, so the working shows up on an opportune time. Patience and hope the only rope.

I understand the depths of the oceans I've been diving in. It holds me to live and not to drown me to death.

Peace n Love.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 14:22

Hi Julie thank you for your like.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 14:14

“…missing your missives” LOL That made me smile P'

My missive musings seem to have taken on an empirical episodically epistle content of late.

I do not tend to post them all here Philipos for obvious reasons 😉


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Sat 27th Jun 2020 13:51

Thought you had spirited yourself to a hidey - hole away somewhere, been missing your missives - Hey - Ho - good to see you back - before you will o the wisp off again.

There is a poem somewhere waiting to be written about Greta - to join so many spoken of her before. Like her, or not, she won't spirit herself away.

Remarkable for someone of her tender years.

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 13:43

Hello my winged angel of hope, love and light.

You have a very powerful voice in your part of the world. You can see daily what we never see on our screens of deception here in the UK and around the world.

I feel it is up to us, all of us, to act local and think global.

Show the world exactly what is happening in our little corner of this huge sphere of wonder that mankind seems so determined to destroy.

(Errr. Can you have a 'little corner' of a sphere?)

Well you know what I'm saying... often even when I don't!

Thank you also Moon.girl for your constant support and inspiration.

Write on

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Sat 27th Jun 2020 13:00

As Abdul rightly said batteries all charged. Po, your absence was missed on Wol.

I agree with your thoughts. We need a spark and we need to let that spark have a constructive effect.

Media dominates. People can predominate. If only we realise our accountability, responsibility, rights together with our duties towards our fellow human beings and the world at large.

We are one humanity. Colour doesn't matter. What matters is life and that to in a conducive environment where everyone's well being is considered important.

I second your thoughts Po..


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Sat 27th Jun 2020 12:55

It will Abdul if we don't leave it to somebody else to sort out.

Alone we can do very little... Together we can make a difference.

It is in everybody's interest to determine the outcome.

I do not stand alone in watching this happen, in watching this continue to go unabated, in hearing the same old rhetoric and seeing nothing change.

It is never futile to have hope. However hope alone, dreams alone, will never bring about the sea change we need (In a literal sense in some cases).

Here in the UK we ship our very carefully sifted plastic waist by the caring households here off to Turkey and other places to severely pollute their landscapes and the worlds oceans.

There are so many issues that need addressing if you think that Greta has it sorted you need to remove your blinkers and see what goes on behind the mask.

I thank you as always for your support.

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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 27th Jun 2020 12:14

Po absence has recharged your batteries.

This is a thought provoking and comprehensive essay on issues that have and shall continue to have profound impact on human life and need addressing urgently.

Will self seeking human behaviour and national interests determine the outcome?

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