Chocolate Tree

There once stood a chocolate tree, a bearer of desires. 

Its leaves melted when it inhaled passion.

Its fruits of fire

Set ablaze lands, verdant and barren.

Its bark was festooned in ribbons

Of rich gold and smooth caramel. 

Like Midas' touch, gluttony abundant,

The tree was nothing short of magical.

I basked in the shadow of the canopy

Atop the chocolate capped grass blades.

As my fingers ruffled them gently, 

I felt nectar creep up my fingernails.

So I demanded more from the silken carpet

Than just a fleeting brush against my skin.

I demanded more and more gold, nectar and chocolate

Than mere titbits.

I craved for the wealth hidden above and beneath

The chocolate tree.

Hence with all the sighted wisdom left in me,

I plundered everything, from roots to leaves,

And weaved for myself a cocoon

Sans guilt or shame.

My bubble, a blessing, a boon,

Could not be maimed.

Bejeweled cocoons eclipse mundane fruits

And earthly indebtedness all the time,

But the barren land around me began to brood.

Should I have apologized?

Soon the gilt threads wore thin

And the saccharine treats liquesced like June showers.

Now all that's left within

Are decaying vestiges of a cadaver.




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Nicola Beckett

Fri 17th Jul 2020 22:52

Ps does P. C MEAN politically correct or police constable, ps I still believe in the afterlife, read David Holts book Believe

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Shifa Maqba

Wed 24th Jun 2020 05:24

Thank you for your delightful comment, Po! Collating my poetry with a Kabbalah... my, my! What an honor. Really glad the message of the poem resonated with you.

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