Star Child

Star Child

You watched on, the day we bombed the Moon

Assured we’d sealed you there entombed

Here, at last, you’rd met your doom

Yet even then, we spoke too soon


Sorry often the hardest word

I am so sorry you never heard

Not until our symbiotic links still felt

Did we understand and our hearts melt…



Misled, deceived.

               We watched on, as you leave.


PoThe day we bombed the Moon

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Sun 28th Jun 2020 05:36

Hi Dean thanks for hitting the like. Good to see you here.


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Sat 27th Jun 2020 17:54

Nicola, I am a little confused by your comment...

"Depends what you mean by parasite......."

I do not mention parasite anywhere within this poem

The term 'symbiotic' is not meant as parasitic, in this sense, quite the opposite is true in fact.


To paraphrase "The truth is out there"

This might not be it... as in "The truth the hole truth and nothing but the truth"

please note the word 'hole' was intentional

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Nicola Beckett

Thu 25th Jun 2020 21:36

Depends what you mean by parasite.......

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Shifa Maqba

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 20:58

I'm at a loss for words. The depth and poignancy in such a short piece... Wow. Yes, wow is all I gotta say. Quality read!

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Martin Elder

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 16:53

This is certainly a very poignant piece Po

Nice one

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Mon 22nd Jun 2020 14:39

top of the shop! loved it!


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Mon 22nd Jun 2020 12:06

Now you understand my understanding.

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Mon 22nd Jun 2020 11:41

It's never easy to leave, when your heart isn't going with you. But, God knows when it's better to go away temporarily. There could be matters that may require fixing and refining. When the time is right, everything becomes perfectly fine, well defined.

Sorry is indeed a difficult word. A heartfelt sincere apology mends everything broken into a better brighter and healthier shape. And yes, hearts do melt.

Symbiotic relationships are hard to find these days. These are times for superficial stuff.

Misled, deceived by those whom we trusted and believed. A friend in need is a friend indeed. But when a friend is in need and uses their friendship for momentary, monetary and materialistic gains, then such friends are not friends indeed rather parasites.

Real friendship and true love always bounce back with a greater force and a perfect appeal.

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