The Asgard

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The Asgard

Some people think the Asgard

are just a work of fiction

How little do they know

their part to cease our extinction.


I have watched them in the heavens as stargates opened wide

Heard the screams and cries of lost worlds, watched them as they died.

Removed from existence, gone without trace


From far off distant galaxies through wormholes Asgard come

To save mankind once more. I’ve seen this war we won

Looking back from the future to see where you are now      

This war then had not started your future is on show.


In these words I wrote, you are now reading and will heed

The all-consuming travesty… Your all-consuming greed

Why then do we bother about you poor lost deluded souls

Because we know that your potential is still as yet to unfold.



PoThe Asgard

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Mon 22nd Jun 2020 06:51

RoseMary thank you for your well thought out reply.

I will just say, many a true word said in jest.


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Mon 22nd Jun 2020 00:12

Death and souls seems to be today's theme.

Dark write, one that creates insight into many things.

Darkly crafted. Myth or reality, question lingers prominently

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