Ghost writer (Po Part ii)



Here's a thing most folks don’t know

I used to host a radio show

‘Dying To Talk’ was its name

I did not host it for acclaim

Yet praise vociferously

Seems to often follow me


I am at heart a quiet guy

Talking about people that have died

To me has always come naturally

They have always talked to me

I can see dead people, see

And some would tell me poetry

A Chinese man called Li Mei Wu

Died in 1610 he told me so

He said he was a Mandarine


Dressed in silks of jade green

Upon his head, a hat so square

I knew for certain he was there.

Over the next thirty years

Hundreds of poems would appear

Waking up in the depth of night

I’d grab my notepad and frantically write


Most still sit in pads unread

As soon as I finished, back to sleep in my bed

Sometimes I would have a vivid dream

And write down what exactly I’d seen

And more importantly what was said

In my dream state from the so-called dead.


Names and places events that occurred

Of course, I know this sounds absurd

And Yet…

In my everyday waking life

I would meet people in so much strife

Call it coincidence or purely  ‘just’ by chance

I’d expound about my dreams perchance.


Even having a poem written the night before

And telling a Mother who it was penned for.

In my dream, a lad woke me up to say

His name was Stephen… anyway…

The next day I saw his mum

Who said to me exactly what Stephen had done.

She said (I sware this on my life is true)

“Stephen told me in a dream

That he give a poem to you

He’d recite a poem for me to read…”

Before she finished this sentence

In her hand laid Stephens poem

Written from beyond his tomb.


As god is my witness all this honestly happened

So if you have lost someone please don’t be saddened

My soul's journey from now will take a new turn

Hence this treatise about what I have learnt.


What I have posted on WOL

Is mostly from me, I know I can tell

Stuff needed to empty out of my head

To make room for the poems sent from the dead.


Call me a nutter, deluded or worse

I'm about to open those pads full of verse.

If you have seen some of the poems I have posted

Now you will know, some of my writing is ghosted.


Po Part i

Po Part iiWho is Po? Ghost writer!

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 18:19

Thank you for dropping in and hitting the like Doc.

Your support is always welcomed.

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 08:06

Good morning Anmolpreet and Hamzah
I am not normally one to be lost for words...

However, when I look back over my life at some of the events and strange things I have witnessed I too am at a loss as to know what to say.

Over this coming year, it is my sole/soul intention to write down the story of a very normal boy, teen, and adult, who, has lived and is still living a very para-normal life, before that/this life ends.

Both my wife and I have had a life well-led, often guided by those we call dead.

After I gained my black belt I became deeply involved in learning about our inner-strength, our life force. The very force of life itself.
I studied Hap-Ki-Do the ki in hap ki do is the same ki as the ki in Reiki… the same energy and force as in Tai Chi. Chi is another name for this life-force. Using this same energy, force and power we can not only break bones and bodies we can also mend them… Along with our mental bodies, our emotional bodies and as I came to understand our Spiritual body also.

This has been my life's study, my life's work and my life's pleasure.

God indeed moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

I have always followed religion not just one but many, beginning in the tiny wooden Methodist chapel at the end of our road, aged 7. The story moves on a pace from there…

It will all be in the book, the biographical website, within my poetry on the new poetry website together we are about to build… and a tiny fraction still as now, here at wonderful WOL.

It is not everybody's cup of tea, and this is not the home for sharing that story, that cup is running over. (Sorry about the bad pun.)

Now however is that time!

A wise individual once said “Ask not what God can do for you, rather what you can do for God”

If when asked these days if I am religious, I like you am lost for words.

Yes & No whatever that means. Always being my greatest sceptic has kept me sane. (Almost always).

All Po wer to the God-force.

I love the phrase 'My the force be with you'

So here is the end of one beginning and the beginning of the next.

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Hamzah Aslam

Sun 21st Jun 2020 07:40


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Anmolpreet Kaur

Sun 21st Jun 2020 06:15

I don't know what i should say. You rendered me speechless. Nevertheless i believe you and it is a great work

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 03:37

Fascinating. How lucky you are to be able to communicate with the other side. I can’t wait to read your pad of poems. Write on! 🌟

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 00:06

You are indeed a beautiful soul. I love your poems and learn so much about you and others things that you write about.
I'm always here for you.

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 23:29

What a day, what a day
What a glorious day
so many nice comments
on what I had to say.

This is part of what we have talked about before
About opening 'other' seemingly locked doors.

Your constant support over the years has kept me here.

Thank you

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 23:16

I believe.

Good one Po.

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