Who is Po? Part i

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Who is Po?


Who is Po? This is me…

Perhaps you are a newbie

New to WOL. If so then ‘This is me’

I have written this so you can see.


Perhaps you posted your first poem

And a comment ensued from me

Signed off simply then as Po

If so, well… Po is simply me.


Perhaps you’re a long-time member

Well known before I came

And I posted you a comment

Followed by my name


I might have placed you on my list

Of poets, I love to read

A favourite of mine

Whose words I always heed


Well written and inspiring

Unique in every way

You may have posted loads

Or just your first today


Either way, I’ll tell you

Your gender or your age

Matters not to me a jot

A fool or yet a sage


Black or white poetry is not

Except for the ink upon the page


Grammar and or spelling

May not be your fortitude

The topics that you write about

Grandeur or just plain crude


For I am Po, I judge you not

Neither your religion, nor your stance

If I have not commented on what you write

Trust me… You have not lost your chance.


I could go on… and, well yes on so much more

Those of you that know me, know that for sure

So, when you see my sign off

after comments, I have made


You may not have seen the last of me

I’ll be back to comment more

Of that my friends, you can be certain

Because that’s what Po’s here for



Po Part ii


Part iWho is Po? Ghost writer!

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 22:25

Unawareness is healthy
Sweet surprises are lovely
Ambiguity creates curiosity

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 22:06

I am unaware of any awareness.

Now here is a paradox

being unaware ergo must mean an awareness

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 22:01

Why cant people leave creative artiste alone

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 21:59

Return of the mighty Don, I saw him couple of times in past few days. I'm going into hiding, hibernating. Hehehe

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 21:58

By now the trail gets colder
only a few feel the warmth
the nearer you get
the more I transform

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 21:56

I am me
I am what you see

In the following weeks
let us see who it piques

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 21:49

Who is Po?
He is a superhero. Better than captain Ametica and any Amigos

Po is a writer, poet, philosopher, guide

Po is loving, kind, gentle and polite

Po is strong, powerful and mightiest star

Po is one of his kind, a person born ahead of his time

While the world sleeps, he creates and thinks how to save everything

Po is God sent angel, who shall in time spread his goodness around the globe

The more you search, the more you find, still nothing you can see what he actually is for you need an eye of unbiased glance to see who Po really is

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 20:34

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this Julie.

julie callaghan

Sun 28th Jun 2020 18:45

Who is Po?
A question members of WOL website often ask

Who is Po?
The poet hidden behind the rather scary mask

Who is Po?
The poet of many encouraging words, so kind

Who is Po?
The author with such a remarkable poetic mind

Who is Po?
I ask myself, do I genuinely want to learn

Who is Po?
To me the secrecy is of no particular concern

Who is Po?
The poet motivating me to try and try again

Who is Po?
I do not ask, I prefer the mystery to remain

Whoever Po is and wherever they maybe
I send this message of thanks from a WOL newbie

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Dr. Kishore R. Nikam

Wed 24th Jun 2020 17:34

You are right, Po!

The poets need to make the world to introspect, change, proceed, again introspect,........ and so on. Then only the society gets refined, through these filters.

I am sure poetry surely has that power.

Building wealth is a duty of others, and building character is ours.


Dr. Kishore

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Tue 23rd Jun 2020 19:12

Hello Jon... I bet your ears are burning 😉.

Thank you!

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Tue 23rd Jun 2020 19:08

Shifa, Thank you again for taking the time to read and comment here.

So often as poets we open our soul to our readers who can relate to the joy and or suffering we express in our words things that affect us… That affects us all!

Sadly here at WOL and indeed sites right across cyberspace, we do not normally write about what or who inspired us. Mostly because the reader does not either want to read it or is uninterested or just does not have the time…

To the extent that often, when we have poured our heart and soul out in a poem we don’t even receive a like! Let alone any interaction or comments with the reader.

Oh! How much more we could learn as poets if we only took a little more time absorbing and commenting on others musings.

There are a few of us here (including you) who go the extra mile and take time to comment which is so uplifting when we are down… Or so joyful when we hear and see how what we have written has uplifted someone else and just inspired them to do something as simple as ‘just’ get out bed.

Which can for some be literally, a lifesaver!

So thank you again for this, your very nice exchange of expression.


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Shifa Maqba

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 20:55

Thank you for sharing your story here, Po! Heartbreaking, but hopeful. It is this brutal honesty and authenticity that makes you & your art so unique. The crests and the troughs of life are what make us, us. And I definitely think that the party you attended made you a stronger person. You're a star! 🌟


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Mon 22nd Jun 2020 07:47

Hello Shifa

What a great start to my day. Thank you so much for your kind comment and more importantly your mention of the party.

Life is a party... not all parties are great or even good, some are dam right awful but even at the awful party's, we can meet some very interesting and exciting people, people who also think the party is not going well and together you can sneak off and have a party of your own... that never ends!

That's what this party is Shifa... it will never end, so you are here early.

Now the thing about arriving early at a party is people that arrive after you see you are having fun so they join you... before long you have a great party that everyone who attends will remember for a long long time... and what do we remember the most about great party's? The people.

I attended a party once I did NOT want to attend.

Just having lost quite literally everything... The one woman who I loved beyond measure, two amazing children, and a brand new bungalow, and a brand new car. I thought... No! I felt, I was living the dream... Sadly I was.

At the lowest point in my whole life my 'friends in an attempt to lift me from, what I can only describe as The Dark Night of my Soul
dragged me (on the inside) kicking and screaming and so broken had I not gone, I can see how it would have been the last party I ever had the chance to not go to again.

It was a great party... I spent the entire evening watching the whole world having the time of their lives, dancing, singing, laughing, hugging smooching kissing... a sad broken man, alone, in the biggest happiest crowd I had been in for many a year.

My best friend (who was a ladies man through and through... and a cad and a bounder) got off with the host of the party. A beautiful young woman with eyes and a smile that lite up the room. She never even noticed me! But Jim, Jimmy, he had pulled again.

Like all the best love stories, this one had a fairy tale ending.
The next big party I and Jimmy went too together was a wedding!
He was my/the best man and the host of the party was YES! MY wife.

One night several years later whilst standing in the takeaway I heard Jimmy’s voice telling me that he was in the paper. I picked the paper up off the counter and turned to the obituaries and there was my best friends name… I smiled.

This is the real poetry in all of its truth and splendor.

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Shifa Maqba

Mon 22nd Jun 2020 07:02

A bit late to the party but damn this poem is a delight to read! It's so wonderful to have talented poets like you here. Really enjoyed this piece!

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 18:15

Hi, Dr. Thank you so much.

I have been interested in the number of people from all walks of life who have arrived here this year. The varying styles and ability. The topics and way we all interrelate and generally support each other here with such empathy is a joy to behold.

Many of us have a colorful past and a wealth of experience to share with the younger bright stars of the future of our earth Dr. Kishore.

Poetry is and always will be a legacy we leave for future generations to come. Let our poetry today show the truth of our time.

The politically minded with the knowledge to tell the real story of what we are going through in this pivotal time in our history.
The elderly amongst us who can relate personally the exponential shift in human suffering in recent wars right across our globe.

The effects of 9:11 that changed our world overnight.
The walls we have built and the walls we keep building to keep us segregated. The control and suppressions occurring at such a rate that people are swept up in the whirlwinds of (organized) chaos.

The world’s current pandemic is unprecedented in living history. It has brought out the worst in us and undoubtedly the very best in the human spirit. To love, to share, to help, to heal, to live in another's shoes, in harmony… In ways that have stunned so many of us.

The small, very small minority who selfishly give no thought for others… Worse set out to deliberately topple the status quo. To upset the balance between those that do and those who do not.

The media will show what the history books will write.

WE! The poets will show the truth. They will not shut us up, they fear us for we are legion.

We will question everything and everyone as we should… as the investigators and news reporters should… But sadly so often now Kowtow and bow down to the pay-masters agenda and spew it out as truth on our tv screens and computers and mostly now, as never experienced before… Seen 24/7 on our insidious mobile phones.

I remember well I was taught from the first instant I entered a dojo (Literal meaning, the place of the way) in my Martial Art days over 50yrs ago.
To bow and touch my forehead on the floor as a sign of deep respect for the those who had suffered and died for the art, their family and their country. Two flags were always on the wall at the front of the class the Korean flag and the Union Jack.

Whenever we came in or went out we would bow to the Master. Whenever the Master came in the whole class would stop immediately and turn towards the doorway and bow.

NOW I see when we say that someone kowtows to somebody else, we are criticizing them because they are too eager to obey or please.
See how stupidly we kowtow to persons who are in the hierarchy of the infamous occultists who remain in power. As to exactly who they are, we have never known and will never know… we glibly call them T.P.T.B.

I refuse to show this obsequious deference.

People will always listen to the poets we have an esoteric power of our own.


We now bring this secret doctrine to the masses as we always have done and always will do.

They can burn our books, and or lock them deep in their secret libraries of the world.
However, our power as poets is in the spoken word our truths are eternal unchanging as all truths are.

WE have the true history of our world within each breath we take and every word we speak.

WE forget this at times.

T H I S is why the word is where the power truly is.
Write Out Loud should be our rallying cry.

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Dr. Kishore R. Nikam

Sun 21st Jun 2020 15:33

Po, now I know you well! 😀
Thanks for intro.


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Philippa Atkin

Sun 21st Jun 2020 03:46

Why thank you sir, thou art most kind
Such wisdom I will bear in mind
For calling, talent, gift, or curse
It seems I’m meant to write in verse
And while it may be out of fashion
The rhyming couplet is my passion
So to myself I will be true
I’ll be me, while Po is you
And that quite simply thrills my heart
For look, we’re right back at the start!

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 23:18

That is right up my street Philippa

If you think I'm going to take you on, you had better think again.

I know when I'm beaten.

All joking aside you have a wonderful natural talent and ability

One piece of advice if I may
Always be you!

Be true to yourself in all that you do.

Your style is perfection... it don't get any better than that

Until you perfect it beyond your wildest dreams and limitless imagination... Which trust me, trust you, you will... I'm psychic... I know stuff 😉

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Philippa Atkin

Sat 20th Jun 2020 19:37

Po, in the shadows we must hide
Me to learn and you to guide
While you are aged in the art
My poetic life is at its start
Yet if it can at last begin
It will, you’re right, be fuelled by gin!

P.S I’d like to spar with lightening wit
But my broadband speed is just so......

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 18:59

Hello Philippa let’s raise a glass
But first, we must remove our masks
But then my cover would be blown
And thus my identity would be known

One day perhaps if we meet
We’ll drink gin maybe neat
Maybe even we’ll drink two
Two for me and two for you

Perhaps we’ll have them with a mixer
A great concoction true elixir
2 of hydo gin + 1 Oxy gin
That should raise a little grin

I know your tipple is always gin

Po wit hic!

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 18:39

Graham some of our family move away
Some come back, home again to stay
Others drop in which is nice
Then drift again... That's their choice.

When Don returns as is, his need
we again can on his wit all feed
I must at times admit I'm sad
when he returns Graham I am glad

The other man's grass is always greener
even if the residents meaner.
As for me? I think you know
I've plenty more seeds to sow.

I've said it once, I'll say it twice
WOL is like paradise
WOL is like paradise

Unless of course, you are a mod
Not for you the chance to nod
for just one second spent off guard
could unleash an unruly bard

BTW. sorry about my expletive's
Not in front of the children and all that.


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Philippa Atkin

Sat 20th Jun 2020 18:06

Wordsmith, thy name is Po
You watch the erudition flow
Astride the world of WOL you sit
And bless it with your verbal wit
For poems of simply every sort
We can rely on your support!

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 20th Jun 2020 16:50

Po, I can’t help but think you have eaten Don Matthews whilst I wasn’t looking. Give him back!

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 16:37

Anmolpreet you have a choice you have a voice
Staying silent can be nice.

However, if you like me,
In saying nothing find difficulty.
Always saying something nice
If you don’t mean it is not nice

In times like those I silent stay
If I have nothing nice to say.

You’ll get a chance I hope to write
A comment on my stuff tonight.
If not tomorrow is another day
When you perhaps can have your say.

Thanks for saying today anyway
Po. 😉

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Anmolpreet Kaur

Sat 20th Jun 2020 13:31

Well this intro poem is awesome.
I am a newbie and well yes ofcouse you were first to comment on my work but unfortunately i couldn't do that. Maybe will be lucky to post on your next work.

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 11:05

Welcome Clive, Hello!

If you were to ask me, who is ‘The asked man’
I would answer you most honestly, it is ‘you’ my man
Now, if you were to ask me, who is “The masked man”
I would answer you most honestly it is ‘Po’ my man

I intend to stalk you… Just to let you know
Because my friend you are, a fantastic one-man show
Watching from behind my mask stealing all you do
Like a highwayman, a robber… emulating you.

Thank you for commenting my newest bestest friend

From the Alpha to Omega

This is where we stand.


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Clive Culverhouse

Sat 20th Jun 2020 10:26

well Po, thanks for making me feel welcome on WOL, it is much appreciated in these difficult times,
fun to read poetry, Po

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 09:59

Mortimer…Blooming, it is you surly are
Said Po, sounding a bit like Poda
That Master from afar

Saturday the 9th of May
A day I remember oh! so well
The day you joined our family
Here at WOL

I knew at once you would fit right in
As soon as you begin
To share your wisdom here with us
Your comments caused my to heart sing

A mystic poet, a kindred spirit
It is you prove to be
I thank you Morty, most graciously
For commenting here for me

Po Poda Po-wit Po wer
Superman and green lantern can’t shine a light on me.

I am only blinded by my massive modesty 😉


Sat 20th Jun 2020 08:21

Quite an intro Po,

A lovely way to introduce yourself and even a lovelier way to get to know you.

Not a single verse was wrong here.


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Sat 20th Jun 2020 08:03

Moon.girl, Moon.girl

The most precious gift we have to offer to another is simply time
With so much hassle and things to do comments don’t just spring to mind
It takes a tiny bit of effort a few seconds from your day
To comment upon a poem, about what the poet has to say

Your comment here upon my poem I’ve written about me
Is such a joy to behold I switched on this morning to see
‘Captain World’ I think you wrote… yes it is I see
Well, Yep! I’ll take that with much gratitude…
But I doubt that all agree.

Reading on I find I’m going a fetching shade of red
Not unlike the devil (who fills my mind with dread)
I just finished a poem this week taking a cursory glance
Telling about how we, will give him one last final chance

The other things you mention all perfectly correct
But sometimes when life's hard I just think what the heck
Or that other word, you know, it begins with f
Then I’m stumped because what rhymes with f

With any luck, one will spring to mind
To make the whole thing fit
And if it doesn’t well who cares I just say “Arr Fuck it”

At these moments when I’m down… It happens to us all
I look upon my problems and gosh! They do seem rather small
I wish I could retract some words I’ve said and also written
Then I read your comments Moon.girl …

And now blushing Po is smitten.

Thanks for being you and being there for me when I'm down
turning my frown upside down. 😟😊


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Sat 20th Jun 2020 07:28

Hello V, my inspiring friend you have lifted me so often.

Often, it is not me you have replied too, it is another who needed lifting or praise or support and or encouragement and you have given it freely.

This is what lifts me, reading that others care in a world that seems so dark and lonely. Good poets and artists have always been able to see the dark and the light in all of its horrors and beauty and most have experienced them and felt them in greater depth, allowing a deeper divide between the two.

WE have the choice to move towards either one or the other it seems to me, the true sensitive naturally gravitate away from the darkness towards the light.

Sometimes V we just shine a little light to show the way.
I watched ‘Our darkest hour’ last night, it was enlightening.

Thank you!


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Sat 20th Jun 2020 04:57

Yes of course, Po is you, you is whom I know
And many of us know you too, through your works
Many of us know you through your words, comments and verses
A motivation, inspiration, booster dose when life goes low

How could I not be commenting on this Prose like piece
This style you have chosen to speak about yourself
You are a charmer, a magician and a medium
All in all your are a knight, Thor, spiderman, superman, captain world (mind it I write world here not just america)
All is all you are a big support in poetic world

Wol knows you all in all
You are here since quite long
You have tried to awaken the sleeping poets
You brought to life the dead old poets
You have even got the history out that was shrouded in mystery
You have sung praises and diffused governments lies and frauds

To say so whoever you are
We need more from you
We need more like you
So stay here as long as you live
We will get a chance to know about many things

Po, your poetic nick
We are happy with it
As long as you write good stuff
Or even bad as a matter of fact
And we are charmed by your verses
We can all at Wol remember you all in all
As Po, the master poet.

I liked your introductory poem
It came just on time.
I'm lovin' it
Just like every other write of yours
Keep going my bestest pal and soulmate😊

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 04:47

Long live Po, the heart of WOL. It wouldn’t be the same without you. They need to put you on the welcoming committee. I love the way you encourage us all to write on! ❤️

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Fri 19th Jun 2020 22:59

Ghaz no comment?

I am somewhat dismayed
I seek nothing... except of course your praise.

As do many here that post
on this worldwide stage
It seems that many have held back
lets hope it's not the rage.

(as in... all the rage) like emojis 🤐

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Fri 19th Jun 2020 19:30

YOU, yes YOU! You were the very first poet to comment on my arrival here. Br.

So scrap my other comment below to P... Its 'you' who is to blame.

I only do what you did, because I thought that was the done thing.


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Brian Maryon

Fri 19th Jun 2020 19:24

Well you've inspired me Po...in future I shall sign off as 'Br'

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Fri 19th Jun 2020 19:17

Hello my inspiring playmate.

I put this together because you thought I should P...

So the great and good here at WOL have you and you alone to blame for this my doggerel I added here my name.


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Fri 19th Jun 2020 19:14

Enjoyably creative Po. 👍

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