You confuse me

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One minute you hate my guts

or so it seems, you drive me nuts

I can't keep up, you're a right head-fuck

and you can't even see it.


You confuse me.


You don't acknowledge me when I speak

yet the following week you're all over me

like a rash, you make me itch,

it's a pain in the arse and I'll never get it.


You confuse me.


You can make me feel elated

just like that, yet in the space of an hour

I'm back to feeling like shit,

it's like a rollercoaster that I just can't alight

but you seem to think it's alright -


You confuse me.


Black's always white

and white's always black

I never get a straight answer when I look for one

yet I'd be devastated if you were gone

it wouldn't be the same without

your mood swings and mind games...


... you confuse me -


but it's part of the deal,

I don't remember what it's like

to be chilled out and I guess I never will

as long as you're about, what's the point

in even attempting to figure it out

'cos without a doubt -


you confuse me...


and I think I secretly enjoy it.


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