The Empath's World

The emotions swirling through your soul,

The past woes that have embedded Into your heart;

They become mine.

As the soil soaks the drops of rain,

My soul soaks in your pain.

The paths that you have ventured,

The choices that have defined yourself,

Those times click into my mind in perfect Clarity.

Your past becomes mine.

Time is relative when you feel

the surface As the foundation.

It twirls in circles around time unfolded.

What is to be, What has already become,

To what is in the moments of now…

All are in my mind.

Sifting through what is mine,

What is theirs,

Which is yours;

Creates a chaos of storms

That funnel into my soul.

What will the seconds beyond

This moment bring?

My mind calls out the answers

For only my heart to know.

Whether it be yours, or theirs,

It still becomes mine.

So how then do I begin to define myself,

When all that I am, Comes from all of them?

Which emotions are from my heart,

Or stolen from theirs?

Which truths are mine?

What ones are yours?

This is my struggle from sun up To moon rise.

Traversing paths that twist and

Turn through each soul myself encounters.

Finding myself lost in the labyrinth of persons

I shall forever feel.      


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