I Am That Fool

I am the one who’s innocent blood was

shattered beneath the golden cross.

I am the one who’s virgin blood

stained the concrete floor.

I am the one who was too weak to fight,

yet too strong to die.

Oh what a fool who transverses the

Hell of man to stand erect with burning vengeance…

and walks away.

I am that fool.

I am the one who fought each night.

Who used her own blood to pen her plea for right.

I am the one who was bartered and bought,

yet never made them pay.

I am that fool.

I am the fool who wasted the moment

to claim my right.

Who then,

flashed a smile and walked from the fight.

I am the fool who saved the lives

of the demons that marked me.

Those who lashed at my soul,

I freed them their debt.

I am that fool. 

The fool child of a Devil and a Whore.

Born in blood,

Raised in torture,

and forgave the damned.

I am that fool. 


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