Darkness Tune

Tonight, the demon walks.

It has woken and staked its claim,

Dragging with it the tortures of the past.

Will it never cease?

Nights stillness creates shadows

That play out every lonely moment

In time to the clocks tick.

The emptiness burrows through to the soul,

Pushing out all resemblance of peace.

To each own mind one must face

The ever encroaching darkness

That stalks us when all light has Faded.

To bow behind the curtain in Paralyzing fear,

or stand in arms daring the beast to strike.

No matter the stance,

The play goes forward on repeat.

One scene leading to another

With the same tune in rhyme, 

Pitting the ghoulish night against

The battered soul.

Awaiting the moment,

When in glory,

it is banished by the light 


◄ Unfinished Puzzle

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