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WE become judge, jury and executioner

We are so certain this is just.

Someone has to pay the cost

We are certain, it is not us.


We just fit the punishment

To the alleged crime

Caring not for justice

It fits our paradigm


Banding all together

‘Strength in numbers’... So we think

We can’t all be wrong, can we?

Tell me, what do you all think?


I am immensely saddened

This is not how I think

Vengeance is an ugly word

That brings us to the brink


Mob rule is no justice

No peace this way comes

Only mankind’s undoing

At the beating of war-drums.


Knell before our sovereign

Knell before our prayers

But to knell before a tyrant

Is a sad state of affairs.


Presidents and Kings

Rule for the briefest span of time

Yet the legacy they leave

Can span several lifetimes.


Our world is not evolving

At the rate that we progress

To fight our oppressors

We must no longer acquiesce.



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Fri 12th Jun 2020 23:03

..."Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess in slavery..."

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 18:19

Thanks, Doc, thank you Abdul also for dropping in and hitting the like.

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 17:13

...“Someone else’s action should not determine your response.” –
Dalai Lama

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 16:49

Divide and conquer Morty.

The problem, reaction, and solution.

It is all by design.

Keeping us at each other's throats literally.

The puppet masters are well versed they have eons of experience.

Time to cut the ties that bind... Or perhaps I should write blind.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Sun 7th Jun 2020 15:39

Throughout history, Most of the philosophers and wise men have been against revolutions, rule of the mob, rule of the masses.

Quite rightly so, when passions take over and guide us, we do whatever our darkest impulses tell us to do and we act like mere puppets to them.

This leads to the most worse thing of all, waste of human life for no good reason.

But I am quite sure you already know all this, judging by this lovely poem.


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Sun 7th Jun 2020 13:25

Thanks also to Kevin, MANISHA, and Greg for hitting the like.

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 10:50

Beautiful thoughts. Couldn't be described better. I agree. Powerful n peaceful words. Hope unity reigns supreme. Like minded ones shouldn't fight. There is always a point to agree upon and a leader to look upon.

Thanks Po

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 10:46

In answer to your question my winged Angel, for my extended views...

I am certain that pursuing individual and community sovereignty is paramount.

To unite against our oppressors we must first agree on our desire to be free.

It is also paramount to understand the difference between control and freedom!

In essence, this poem is about consciously valuing our liberty over oppression, regardless of our race creed or color.

We have to take back our power before we can use it wisely for the good and benefit of all.

It is NOT about the US versus THEM.
It is all about us… All of us!


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Sun 7th Jun 2020 10:23

Some great thought and great lines here. Last stanza is quite effective. But shouldn't we raise our voice against oppressors? Need your extended views here.
First two stanza are reflection of our society. This is actually what's happening around.
Thought provoking write. 👍

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 08:17

Dreams last night
came into view
Scenes for me
scenes for you

It seems we have
come adrift
Our Spirits weakened
need a lift

Battered torn
downtrodden low
'Lift up thine eyes'
George's eulogy avow


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Sat 6th Jun 2020 22:51

إن شاء الله

I will never sleep if I have another caffeine hit P.

We must hold in mind and be ever mindful of the effects of the eclipse... Well 3 actually.

Between June 5 and 6, a penumbral lunar eclipse… It’s effects are occurring as I type, which will then be followed by an annular solar eclipse on June 21 and another lunar penumbral eclipse on July 5.

The annular solar eclipse on June 21, coincidentally is summer solstice. It is the first summer day in the northern hemisphere.

Bring it on! We had a hail storm here this afternoon.

Strange times indeed.

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Sat 6th Jun 2020 22:47

We are living in strange times Po, your poem could be the cannon ball that hits through the barrier of un-reason. I guess the pandemic is flushing other issues to the surface also. May the light of reasonableness bring lightness to our darkness. Something to ponder deeply about over the compelling aroma of coffee, I think. 😏

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