Long, long – after we have

departed from a place – a

trace of us, however slight,

remains for the seasoned

eyed to see – the nose to

pick up scents – our senses

to professionally expand


upon – even when we pass

away – the medium may

know about a signal from

some obscure place a tape

perhaps with recordings of

our voice – flakes of skin

microscopically fallen away

as if to say – ‘Hey I’m back’


And human hair, which sat

upon on the scalp or nether

parts or underneath the arms,

may have those bloodhounds

baying away if found with

other human interface. Just

like the little Scottish girl in

Spain never to be seen again


A voice cries in the culprit’s

body, mind and soul, alert to

when it is that somebody will

sell his story to the UK cops

and then the suspect, coughs

the lot trying to save his soul




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Sun 7th Jun 2020 20:23

Thank you Mortimer, Manisha, and Po for the like. So appreciated. P

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 08:19

Indeed P

I will pm you.

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 08:08

Will settle for disambiguation which seems to clarify my point. Blessings. P

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Sat 6th Jun 2020 23:26

Cardinal Heenan... Crumbs is there some disambiguation there P?

Again I must concur 100%.
Erudite I certainly am not.


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Sat 6th Jun 2020 23:05

Po, there is also something flickering in my mind that confession is good for the soul, to use an analogy espoused by the church - however, we hear so many disturbing cases about what takes place in certain sanctified buildings - and on a massive world-wide scale. But I digress and going on-line is not necessarily the best place to dialogue about it. That isn't to say that there is a lack of erudite people such as Cardinal Heenan - who offers his inspiring words, as well as many other cite able examples..

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Sat 6th Jun 2020 21:03

..."Do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath"...

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Sat 6th Jun 2020 20:41

Thoughts are a powerful force especially when there is a combined focussed effort P.

The power of prayer is an example of this. Prayer is after all said and done exactly that.

God has the effect of shutting some peoples thoughts down. Having no belief in God is not going to have any lesser effect to the power of positive thinking Phil.

Also sending those thoughts to those who are living as well as those who have left this world behind has a tremendous healing effect.

As for the culprit/culprits they will be influenced by the growing strength of collective thought... 'For' the victims! In ways that we can not truly comprehend.

Staying always focused on a 'positive' outcome as apposed to any negative thoughts against the perpetrators.

If one wished to put that in to a religious context...

“VENGEANCE IS MINE”, sayeth the Lord. From Leviticus in the Old Testament to the Romans

Either way visiting the dark realms of what we are now seeing with regards to the riots around the world currently, will can see 'vengeance' is NOT the way.


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Sat 6th Jun 2020 20:17

Thanks Po - help me to start a trend, if only in thought, by getting that culprit to confess so that the victim's family can at least start to begin some kind of closure. Positive energy and all that. We both know it works. P

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Sat 6th Jun 2020 19:35

So much to say here P

However, another time and place mate.

\\\what an insightful piece of poetry... black and white

the words and spaces in-between the sentences.

We must have that subliminal conversation S O O N

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