Poetic pen



I'm a poetic pen

With ink of muse

Red for anger

Blue for hues

I write great and mighty stuff

And mundane ain't left alone bruised

I'm but a poets pen 

Writing things going in head

Heart felt emotions captured too

Feelings and love all penned here

Blogging one, blogging two

Seldom miss the yellow ink

Spilling dusky, dawning rhymes

I'm a poetic pen, hold my might

I write about kings and swords

About ladies with smiling songs

And also viruses and bacteria taking lives

Politicians loony Tony creating vibes

Echoing the stories of long gone days

Victories of battles failures that swayed

Crowns and princesses,  kings in burial ground

Palaces huge, huts of refuge, rivers meandering

Chirping birds, toads and crying wolves

I'm a poetic pen I capture every muse


Note: the poem that inspired my thought about poetic pen. Who else but poetic Po.


◄ Moongirl.inlove

Welcome dear!! ►


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Sat 27th Jun 2020 20:58

So an update is overdue!

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 12:11

Desperately, enthusiastically and open armed looking forward to it.

Apkey munh mey ghee shakkar 😃

More to say and do.....job restarts tomorrow after summer break😭😭😭


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Sun 21st Jun 2020 12:07

I have made this post a blog entry... the word you fear is not what you believe it is.

Its a huge influence that you will embrace
with joy

There is more to say, more to do, more to appreciate, and mostly enjoy!

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 12:00


Not again....
I'm sick of downs in life....when will I ever get to see the brighter skies?

Mr. / Ms. Po.....astrologer please reply.

Awaiting the reply. Soon has always been a blue moon from you. Waiting the wait.

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Sun 21st Jun 2020 11:55

Lets look at the chart of circular art


Where libra is placed your off to a great start.

Moon.girl, today is pivotal as your horoscope spins
Because the Total Eclipse for you means win win.

As ancient as this esoteric art surly is
The moon casting it's shadow
will show you things before hid.

Po, the mystical astrological enigma

Remember this is only the second... Another is impending

A little late in answering your question Red Moon...

Its all about timing and starting too soon

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 10:25

Red moon refers to? Thnx for reading Nigel.

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Sun 7th Jun 2020 10:24

Thank you Po. Your poem wol n coffee inspired me to write this poem. As always my inspiration you. 💐

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Nigel Astell

Sat 6th Jun 2020 23:49

Chirping birds,toads and crying wolves
last night the red moon never came.

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Sat 6th Jun 2020 19:50

Well captured Moongirl.inlove

Write on... may your ink never dry (except on the parchment of life).

For all to unfold and read

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