Unlocking the doors

If i could but push open the locked doors, I would

Unlocking the locks with master keys provided by the prayers to almighty

Walking through the pathways that are easy to enter and make through

Without further ado and struggles to go through


If the doors would open conveniently 

Making a way to land of my dreams

Achieving the success that I always wanted 

Creating convenience zones well protected


Walking straight to the room where I've my desires waiting

On seeing me approach they make no resistance and struggling

Striving hard to achieve the pursuits that I have been making through

Wouldn't it just be easy to break in and construe


I've been impatiently awaiting the dawning of new day

Where upon I shall have all my life's dreams and wishes come true

Making my way into the land of my vivid dreams

Creating peace, love and tranquility to forever achieve 


◄ Time traveller

His will shall prevail ►


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Sun 14th Jun 2020 08:18

Thank you Kashish.

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Kashish Dawar

Sun 14th Jun 2020 01:15

so well written. so well expressed. love it.

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Thu 4th Jun 2020 22:30

Not until explored. My God always helps me unlock. Just the matter of time.

Thank you Mortimer!


Thu 4th Jun 2020 19:00

Some doors are often best left unlocked, but we never know that till we unlock them , it's like a nice little paradox.


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