Enough is Enough (bigot with a bible)

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Enough is Enough (bigot with a bible)

Centuries of oppression
the murder and harassment
of those with black skin

A lifelong battle
Some of us will never understand
in our privileged white skin

In a world where a race
is second class
In a society where their needs
always come last
They’re fighting for change
and they want it fast
They’re sick and tired 
of the lies that are cast

Now thousands march
right across the land
People of all colours
hand in hand
Taking the knee
and making a stand

But then a bigot
with a bible
Goes to church 
with his white disciples
For a photo op
to show his rivals
Grovelling to God
for election survival

He turns guards onto the people
peaceful protestors on the run
Rubber bullets, gas canisters
Cops brandishing their guns

And they expect people to believe
that justice will be done

Rodney King, Oscar Grant,
Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, 
Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, 

The list is endless
and the names change
But the result is the same 
The colour stays the same. 


Written in memory of George Floyd, murdered by American police, 25 May 2020

Jeff Dawson June 2020

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Greg Freeman

Wed 3rd Jun 2020 23:41

Well said, Jeff.

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Brian Maryon

Wed 3rd Jun 2020 21:19

Your second verse makes a good point. With no inherited fortune or position I am nevertheless one of the most privileged people in the world having been born a white male in the suburbs of London, one of the world's richest cities in one of the world's richest countries. And it's taken me around 60 years to realise and appreciate it.

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