Look now to the power

of your pen – the words

you write – and people

of whom you speak – the

quill is a mighty nib – as


when, plucked from the

carcass of a hen – a feisty

cockerel crows – just like

it did back then – giving

off to those with ears as

hear, a wail of ballyhoos




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Don Matthews

Mon 1st Jun 2020 00:37

Is the little quill
Plucked from little hen (ouch)
Mightier than my
Manufactured pen?



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Sun 31st May 2020 22:00

Thank you Mortimer and Ruth - and as I was reminded recently, a pen (as in pen-guin is so named after a bird, with the second part of the word meaning Gwyn as in the Welsh, together equalling penguin (if that makes any sense) I enjoyed your poem too Ruth. Thank you also Liam for the like. 👍

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 31st May 2020 20:50

Oh I wish I had a quill
And a inkwell then to fill
My ink is mixed with sweat
For my words I oft' forget
The rush to reach a page
Leaves me in constant rage
Just as well there's no hen
To pluck
Even in modern times I'm stuck😉


Sun 31st May 2020 16:16

The cuts made by swords are forgotten in history as crude, barbaric and meaningless acts.

The cuts made by the pen however, have carved the very tapestry of history and civilization.

You are quite right Philipos,


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