Bitter devastated

It's time for me to go

Some place, somewhere I don't know

Just put the key, switch on the car

Sit back straight, press the accelerator 

Heading in a direction unknown

Now uts time for me to forever go

I don't really know where, but somewhere

A place I can feel home, safe and protected

A place where I can get all the love that I've never got

A place where people love me, not manipulate me

A place where people don't use gas lightening techniques to break hell on me

I'm sick and tired of all this blackmagic happening around me

I wish to go away to some safe place, where I can just not be inflamed to speak nastiness 

O God help me drive down, I don't know where, but I know, some place for sure

My life is devastated, in ruins I stand, what a waste of emotions

How bitterly the dreams shattered and broke to million pieces

I'm just a ghost running out of time to reach my spot

So I just need to hurry up before its late and all my enemies destroy the rest of me as well

No friends to take, no family have to claim, no love, no hate

All the sounds of birds, the breeze, the sky and the earth

Follow me and I follow them to reach my unknown destination 

I don't know how, I don't know when, for I have no road map to my heaven 

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Tue 2nd Jun 2020 12:04

Not always Po. Sometimes we are forced to follow wrong decisions n paths due to pressure from worldly wise through the world of spirits.


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Tue 2nd Jun 2020 10:19

You are always exactly where you are meant to be G.

I am at my happiest when you are happy, your sadness overspills into my life.

Distance can never inhibit the depths of one’s true feelings… However far we ‘think’ we can run from them.

They are always part of our Souls path and journey.

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Sun 31st May 2020 18:53

Thnx Po and Mor.

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Sun 31st May 2020 18:52

Seems Po is very happy as I go away. Your wishes come true, now you can have your way. All the best for your wonderful life ahead, may be years, or may?

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Liam Osaneo

Sun 31st May 2020 18:07

The road is a good place to go. Doesn´t really matter where it goes.


Sun 31st May 2020 16:31

I didn't know you admired Allah Po, he really does help those who believe in Him or our faith in him, helps us help ourselves,

Strife is the law of life Moon girl, it's what has made you write this beautiful poem,

Accept it and you can find peace, right where you are.

Best wishes for you


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Sun 31st May 2020 07:05

Let Allah be your Satnav

You have no need for maps
you are your own compass

you fashioned the path
your footsteps have trod

Now begin a new beginning
Thus ending the past
A new day is dawning
Enough of lambaste.

wherever you go
whatever you do
God will be with you
Your faith will see you through


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Sun 31st May 2020 06:55

You are one of the lucky ones...

You have nothing to stop you and nothing to stay for.

If you don't take charge now fate will step in

Be a Mistress of your own universe
Not a victim of fate.

This poem says far more between the lines than in the lines.

Now is the time!

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