100% pissed

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It said my disc was running at around 100%

Trust me that’s not good, it’s bad

In actual fact to be quite honest

It was driving me totally mad


I could not write a single line

of poetry or prose

I was having a really bad day

Have you ever had one of those?


Into the forbidden registry

where novices fear to tread

I knew that I must venture

a path I truly dread


Unresponsive said the putor

putor said sadly no

with no other choice onward boldly

into battle, I had to go   


Firewalls blazing anti-virus blocking

all working away as they should

fully updated yet completely useless

not doing at all what they should


I started to write this

in the morning when I first awoke

It was the crack of dawn

now its midnight, really this is no joke



Far slower than a snail's pace

creeping along every line

typing a letter then having to wait

for hours I'm expressly repine

Registry issues

◄ I never lied in the rose garden. (Cummings and goings)

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Tue 2nd Jun 2020 09:37

So I am not alone then!

I have had to give up on my laptop the hard drive has given up the ghost... I think I'll have to attempt installing in new one.

Wish me luck guys.

I am addicted to WOL and poetry I have just discovered.

Thank you both for all your recent comments on the musings of a misfit like myself.


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Liam Osaneo

Sun 31st May 2020 18:15

For me at least not being able to write is similar to not being able to sleep. The harder I try the more impossible it gets. If I stop trying it comes with time.
Nice poem Po.


Sun 31st May 2020 16:37

Writing about the ability to not write is something that is quite extraordinary,

I am thinking of posting a poem I wrote on the same phenomenon an year ago, I will tell you when I upload it.

A beautiful poem my friend,


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