It isn’t what they do at work

that remains in the upper space

of their anatomy, their meeting

with grizzly challenges head-on

day in, day out, without a break

from the mental consequences

which wrap themselves back and


forth, remorselessly beneath the

outer covering of skin. It goes far

deeper than that – they - dressed

in their blue surgical garb with

faces staring countless distances

away – perhaps even a thousand miles.

Gone are the days when they could


smile and see their next of kin. For

now they hold it in – but what of all

their tomorrows when their battles

have been won – to whom may they

speak to of the neo Armageddon

circumstances and meeting face to

face, those ticketed for other worlds




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Sat 30th May 2020 18:47

Po, I certainly know about NDEs as will be seen from some of my earlier work on WOL. Have had it in mind for some time now to write another anthology from my past life experiences - at the moment it holds the title of 'Nightingales Sang in Berkeley Square'. But everything is up for grabs and some of us are constrained from writing about some of our life experiences via the official secrecy laws. If I do manage to complete this herculean task given medical restrictions, I will tip WOL the wink. What is important, I think, is for all of us to realise that we are work in progress and often by toying with the ideas of other writers. But allow me to congratulate you on getting through your ordeal. Sometimes I speak to others similarly placed and well understand the wider scheme of things - and how truly precious the gift of life really is. A former colleague of mine once said, 'we are all pests trying to make our way through life.'
He passed some years ago - but his expression still brings a ready smile to my face. And I thank you also Abdul for coming in with the like.

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Sat 30th May 2020 17:40

Sometimes we need to explain our poetry to those who have not lived through such things and those who think they know but in truth have not a clue as to the reality of such things.

I like you am guilty of this P... of not explaining my own experiences which have colored my poetry, which at times is a tad on the dark side.

My Near-Death Experience (NDE) last April with a virulent virus has certainly colored my own thinking regarding COVID 19.

This pandemic is something that literally thousands upon thousands will never forget.

Your poem does a great service to those who lived through that literal holocaust of events.

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Sat 30th May 2020 17:16

Thank you Po and Steve, I was wondering how this might be perceived - having been close more than once in my earlier life,to a holocaust of happenings. Our bodies remember appalling events, swaying in the aftermath of shock and awe. I still recall the horror of Hitler's bombs raining down on us in Merseyside. Trauma never goes away. And I am qualified by the awful experience that I, and both my parents thus endured, - wondering who my other 4 siblings were when later they mysteriously appeared in dribs and drabs from the various crevices of wider family, evacuation, and elsewhere. I doff my cap to both my late parents who kept the home fires burning, or in the case of dad who was a fire fighter, for putting out those awful dockside infernos and who saw a close friend killed by a collapsing wall, during one of the incidents to which I earlier alluded.

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Sat 30th May 2020 15:53

Masterfully crafted... seeing the unseen P

Well captured

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