You're my Guest!

I got too comfortable,
Don't forget you're just a guest,
Take all that you care to!

Ghostly by night,
In the now crack of dawn,
The light glistens on the side of my pantry.

But didn't you see!?
This place known to little,
A weird and strange place.

It's hollow (I'm sure),
But the meaningless did wander,
And I feel nauseous at times.

But when the mountain sides goes rockin,
Where the people sit and stir about,
Remember the family you choose to see.

There's nothing more than that,
And you,
Disallow the very scent eroded from me.

For don't get too comfy,
Just enough,

When the morning bell rings,
(We feel without comfort),
The presence of someone not born to be.

And how dare you ask for more,
The begging choosers,
Though I feel warm in my goodnight whites.

Blood seeps down the hand of thee,
And the family which makes us wonder,
Sacred and secure we shall not flounder,
For you are nothing more than a figment of what infers me.

And likely you,
And the sacred among us.

We don't see beyond two inches beyond the nose,
And the naval,
It's sad but true.

Yet you miss out on what you couldn't see,
And leaving me,
I am damned to wander.

Is me,
And you.

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Fri 29th May 2020 22:30


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