Roller coaster life

Life is a roller coaster ride

Lows and highs they come

Speeding up and down the track

My little jet sets on the mark

Heartbeat racing on the counts

Leaving behind fears that astound

Overcoming these isn't an easy task

Making prayersĀ strengthening heart

Roller coasters of life isn't an easy ride

Hope I get the pulse and feel of it gradually

Learning to handle situations all wisely

Cautious though I certainly am

Letting my fears roll down the coastering track

Me and my God are sitting together enjoying it

He takes me places which are worthy of living

So here I start my new ride today, almost started

Zoom, zap it goes. My God is holding me tightly close

◄ Hands of time

Alpha, beta, gamma. ►


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Fri 29th May 2020 01:08

Yes it's a huge roller coaster, with God alone as my partner. I feel no thrills and fears but I just don't like all this crap. Hope God will get me out of this trap soon.


Thu 28th May 2020 13:50

A roller coaster ride isn't mean to be easy, it is meant to be nerve wrecking adrenaline filled and breath taking,

Keep leaving your readers breathless


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Don Matthews

Thu 28th May 2020 12:38

See you've invited God on the new whizz bang Roller. Bet he doesn't get thrills like that in heaven? Hope he doesn't get vertigo...


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Nigel Astell

Thu 28th May 2020 10:24

Buckle up tight
slow upward slope
but like Po says
the dreadful drop
Oh My Giddy Aunt!

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Thu 28th May 2020 08:09

It's a long slow haul to the top
but the view is outstanding
Then the drop... OMG!
what a rush... šŸŽ¢

This is how your recent poetry has been my little angelic winged gazelle.... You are like the offspring of a perfect union between a Unicorn and Pegasus... šŸ¦„

A roller coaster ride you can't wait to get back on

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