A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

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A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


Two lovers meet in Mayfair, that's what the legends tell

It was in the depth of winter and freezing, cold as hell


Not that Hells froze over

Global warming has seen to that

anyway back to my poem

and the day winter turned to spring


It was all because of some Songbirds singing

and someone cast a spell

I know that such enchantment can happen

Cos. it happened to me as well.


That fateful night the night we met

there was magic in the air

and angels were dining in McDonald's

and a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


I know I’m right, I’m never wrong

and fuck it I don’t swear

That night she turned and snogged me

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


Some old perv behind a bush

dropped his pants and mooned

Never had I had such fun

lingering in London town


The streets of town were littered with tramps

with no safe place to live.

and as we kissed and kissed again

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


It seems to me the whole darn world

is totally turned upside down

The moon had set the sun came up

as I strolled home in London town.


Where is that f’n nightingale

I am freezing cold

I went again today, just to hear

that nightingale singing in Berkeley Square


Waste of time that turned out to be

Because she was never even there.


And then I heard an echo far far away

A nightingale singing in Berkeley Square

I know, 'cause I was there

That night in Berkeley Square



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Fri 29th May 2020 07:15

..."A beautiful poem Po"..,

Morty my poetry has been called lots of things over the years,
beautiful is not normally one of them 😉.

I am going to have to find my way back to that, via some 'labyrinthine maneuvering"

Thanks for your comments, Mortimer.


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Fri 29th May 2020 07:05

Mark, thanks so much for that... that is so much sweeter.

I was also unsure about the F-word... it will need substituting at a few renditions I can see.

Glad you enjoyed it.



Thu 28th May 2020 13:55

A beautiful poem Po, Who knows? Perhaps the nightingale was just your written word singing so beautifully from the labyrinths of your memory,

A beautiful poem Po,


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 28th May 2020 13:02

Tongue in cheek enjoyment. Fun moving between the styles used
for this great "standard" by Eric Maschwitz. I'm tempted to substitute
"As I strolled home in London town" for "As homeward bound I strolled". - just to maintain the rhyme with "down", you understand. 😎.

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Thu 28th May 2020 08:26

Po - I should have mentioned that the three of us were actually in Berkeley Square at the time of our rendition. 😃

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Thu 28th May 2020 07:54

Blackrose, a new friend comes to read

Madness consumes my insatiable need
To get an audience for my stuff
I just can't ever get enough

Like a drug from poppies
only much much stronger
Black rose I would smell your perfume
across the room...
and that alone would seal my doom


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Thu 28th May 2020 07:48

Helloooooooooo You down there!

Thanks for your like.

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Thu 28th May 2020 07:46

Good Morning Moon.girl

Thank you for following and commenting with a constructive comment... Which by the way I intend to pm you with my comments Re. Your masterstroke 'The Woodpecker'.

Have a great day Do!

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Thu 28th May 2020 07:41

That is so nice to hear Ruth.

Have you ever written a poem that when you read it back you just giggle to yourself as if you are reading or seeing it for the very first time?

This was one of those.

Thank you for making me smile... again.


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Thu 28th May 2020 05:35

I like the font used.

Nightingale sang as woodpecker did. Both had a good time creating remixes.

A different conversational style used here. With the readers being involved and asked questions. An interactive poetry. You always come up with something new.

Hope you can hear your nightingale again n again.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Wed 27th May 2020 22:32

Love a poem with a tale,and this made me laugh out loud more than once Po 😊

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Wed 27th May 2020 22:18

Philipos what a night that must have been

The likes of which must have seemed a dream.

Sing a long with your trio.

Thanks for your like mate... this was fun to write

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Wed 27th May 2020 21:31

I can remember leaving a west end club one early am after a skin full and a trio of us gave voice to that very song - I always remember the experience with great joy - thank you allowing me reminisce in your latest magnus. P 👍

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