Tornadoes and cyclones have subsided

Whirlpools that sucked energies aren't thriving

Whirwhinds that devastated the heartlands

Are now cool, gentle spring like winds bringing back life

Easy breathing is a gradual act that after turmoils brings back

Nothing was predictable, neither the behaviour nor the tests

Each brought with them thunderstorm that broke the birds nest

Like a gentle river let the breathing, emotions and feelings flow

For what once caused avalanches and earthquakes in hearts aren't there

Rather a breeze of love and understanding perpetuates and strengthens

The wounds are healing, the minds are cooling, relaxing the nerves

The words that caused fears and uncontrollable heartbeats has finally been slain 

A host of extraterrestrials acted silently mixing evil potions in the blood brain

Those are devils machinery, creating, extracting disrupting peace and relationships

The planets need a cooling, trust and hope slowing superseding 

Pain is a long gone thing, the parents are fast resuming their mental balances

The hearts activity is clouded with uncertainty but it isn't a tidal waves of emotions experiencing

Halt, pause breathe, relax, think clearly and love

Let these feelings finally engrip your veins and every nerve

A friend forever got a jealous grip of angry words vomiting flames

But hurt wasn't in mind, it was a silly fear of being hurt that created all silly rhymes

Let the clouds of uncertainty and doubts be removed

Let the souls vision and mission be the guide

Asking help from God almighty to help hold onto what was compassionate and kind

Promises unbreakable, honesty, truthfulness in relations

Moving ahead together not leaving eachother this is how sanctity of relations are maintained 

Embarking on a journey with renewed love, faith and trust

Expecting much and giving too much to eachother

Of love, compassion, kindness, protection and comforts

Promises made still shall find its ways into the harbours where life's ship been anchored

Embark, sail and let the best of destiny bring the best In the months that remains 

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Thu 28th May 2020 05:37

Thank you Nigel.

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Nigel Astell

Thu 28th May 2020 01:02

Each brought with them thunderstorm that broke the birds nest

from a host of terrific lines I like that the best.

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