Melanin so dark.

Skin scorched by the heating sun.

Magnificent in every way.

The curls of your hair tell the story of you.

They speak of your resilience and perseverance when they forced you from the land of your forefathers to a foreign land, a land that is not your own.

Only to turn around and feel threatened by your presence.

Within you is a fire that burns bright, a desire to be seen as more than the melanin on your skin.

You bring fear into the hearts of many when you walk into the room.

The reason they fear you so much is because of the potential and power they see in you.

So in turn they chose to oppress you.

But no matter what they do to you.

Never let them define you.

Because you are strength, you are resilience, you are perseverance and you are love.

So even if they hate, choose to love and see past their insecurities.

Because in the end we are all children from the same earth.

Made in one image, GOD’s very own image.

So when they hate on you, they are actually hating on themselves too.




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Maatla Mog

Thu 28th May 2020 01:54

Mocosy and Poemagraphic thank u so much for your kind words.

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Tue 26th May 2020 07:34

Beautifully written. Great Poem

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Tue 26th May 2020 07:09

This is poetry.

You will break down barriers, you will break hearts, you will make eyes bleed tears of sorrow and JOY and laughter.

Your talent to express your vision is remarkable Maatla.

Wonderful poem.

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