On Visiting The Aosta Valley

To add more notes to birdsongs would – I know -

only mar the passing hearer's bliss,

more hues just cloy the glory of the rainbow;

monarchs crowned would little gain or miss

if crowned once more for show – while here below

this scene is such that art I can dismiss.

Tranquil it sits in winter's parting chill:

the shops and cafes of the village seem

drowsy with sleep; surrounding mountains gleam

with fading snow; only the churchbells fill

the alleys hushed and calm; all life is still,

ruled by the rhythm of the gentle stream -

low clouds enfold the valley in a dream,

as we stand and watch it from the hill.

on visiting the aosta valley christopher laverty

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Adam Whitworth

Mon 25th May 2020 15:46

I see 14 lines, generally decasyllable.

I see a rhyming scheme: ABBA, ABBA, CD,CD,CD.

I shall call it a sonnet.

What else? Well, it makes me want to visit the Aosta Valley myself, and with that much already it is a successful poem.
I like the turn, after the eighth line, from first person to universal.
Ends well with a soothing contemplation.

Nice work. Well done.

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