Clinging Sunsets

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Words cannot convey
exactly what I’m trying to say…
when in my mind, I see your face
you have something I can never replace
knowing the world’s a better place with you in it
feeling you near even though you’re distant
imagining you so hard you must feel it!

Close my eyes
and you’re there in the air
Nodding your head, you deliver
the music that makes me shiver
with your smoky, hooded stare
you’re in my mind; you’re everywhere

Patience is a trait I’ve learned
though many times been burned
nothing stops the desire 
like sizzling sparks of fire
when I do get the essence returned

I see clinging sunsets with whispers of blue
you should feel traces of me calling out to you
the charm has worked before; can you feel it now
to make sure you know somehow
and to prove my desire is true

Can I do this one more time
clicking off my list of the sublime
You are the ultimate to me
don’t know why I didn’t see
what we have in common; our creed is ingrained
we’re both just a little insane
and I’m loving every inch I see
of our rapid-fire sweet destiny


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