I don't need to make a place for you in my heart

The reason is that you are the only one possessing it

There's no room for anything or anyone else in there

You are the one who resides within the crevices of it


Long ago when our souls met eachother in a land above

When our souls had no body, they were but the free spirits

I made a promise to you to meet you on earth and love you

I've kept my promises ever since we met on earthly planet


My soul recognized you the moment you stepped in my life

The soul connections were strong, even when you turned away

You lost focus and got swayed by other souls thinking them to be yours

God has destined us to be together and I knew that the moment i met ya


I'll wait for you, a promise I did make, and have kept it till date

Now you have promises yo keep that you did make to me

Don't get distracted by the fair maidens sitting on pavements 

They aren't the kind of flame that you need, we make a divine flame till eternity


I'll wait for your love to reciprocate, which with time you do relate

Often it takes a longer channels to cross to meet our loved ones

I shall wait for you my dear moon, for you aren't the one I'm giving up on

As ours is a divine chemistry, a bond true that none can break through


My dear moon, you are the only one I seek, during night or day

When the sun shines, moon shines or the storms and mists blurred my eyes

I kept following you by the smell of you and by the magnetic pull of your soul

I gravitated completely head over heels for none other than thee only


When it's time for the fulfillment of promises you make

Run to me and grab me in your comforting arms 

Hold my hands gently and kiss me wildly

Take me away with you to places you promised us to see and visit


Our love is true and strong, it will keep going on

You are my knight in shining armour and I'm but your lovely dream

Together we have a love filled life to live, prosper and achieve

And I promise my sincerity, loyalty and honesty, the same you promised to me


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Sun 24th May 2020 10:40

A beautiful one Moon Girl


Sat 23rd May 2020 12:16

Indebted to you Nigel. Thank you💐

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Nigel Astell

Sat 23rd May 2020 11:10

Dreams are meant to be together.

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