Inside the little head

Inside the little head 

There's so much going

A plan for future

And present following


This little head is a thinking machine

Generating everything you mean

And also things you don't really need

It stays within creating peaceful turmoils


A muse running in the very mind

Playing hide and seek going wild

Thoughts that concerns me or not

Pops up from the left and right valve


Jealousy, happiness, sorrows and mirth

These funny sad adventures taking birth

Like a womb the little head procreates 

Convincing and hopelessly wayward thoughts


I wish this little mind could be sometimes switched off

Even while sleeping the plugs are on and it creates scenes

Dramatizing them in the history of world of dreams

Restlessness grows chasing haze and misty dreams


O well these thoughts, called happy or sad muses

An active einstein sitting on a throne within

Or mr. Bean throwing up ideas weird

Jumbling up everything that's a part of my little head


A mystery it shall remain

why this activeness in the brain

Couldn't just some silent thoughts 

That could peacefully in head remain

◄ Divinely love

Moongirl.waiting ►



Sat 23rd May 2020 12:16

Thank you Nigel and Po for reading and appreciating this piece.

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Fri 22nd May 2020 14:33

The storm before the calm.

Silently we wait
alone to contemplate
when will this turmoil end
Until then I'll just pretend.


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Nigel Astell

Fri 22nd May 2020 10:26

Never stop playing
hide and seek
little head
keep hiding from
those peaceful thoughts
moon dreams
would not be
the same.

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