What makes you happy

Why you get angry and mad

What you want to find out

What you worried about

What people instill In your head

What is in my behaviour that you dread

What are the reasons for this and that

What are the reasons for all that's bad


I just know one thing from the beginning 

You are the one made for me as lover and friend

And i too am made to reciprocate the same sentiments 

If I say, I love you, believe me, it's all I meant

If I say, i will wait for you, then it's going to be done


But now it's time for the birds of the same feather to flock together

All the maynas, hyenas, wolves, peacock are known from their words

Actions were kinder, voices softer, disguised as friend they beheaded the other one

Now the toss is gain, loss is a word not in our game,

Victory sits headlong watching us play

As we turn to make the last shot, all sit and literally gaze

Miraculous be our last goal, like an imagination fair, the world turn real

Amidst all the fog, mist and storm, I sit here waiting for my long gone love


Kindly give a little knock at my door, before you enter

So I may fix up all the brokenness, littered in my home 

And greet you a welcoming charm, as you enter in love my little home

Come take me along in your arms so strong and wide

For now the winds blow in our favour, the universe sings our name

As you take me along with you to the shores where there's your home

For I'm but a woman ready to take the leap, I know the social norm, living where my hubby shall me keep

Looking forward to your lovely responses, for I'm way to eager to take the plunge

Diving into your deepest heart, enjoying the loving plunge


My first words were I love you, I care

My middle weren't any different from what was previously said

So shall it remain in present and future days to come

For I love you way, way too much, than I can profess or my words can express

Here I sit silently, making an earnest prayer, to my Lord Almighty to unite you and me till eternity 

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Sat 23rd May 2020 12:18

Beautiful song, a long comment makes me smile. Thanks for sharing about you. 🌷

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ZTK Space

Fri 22nd May 2020 17:14

I am broken too.

they have deliberately gone out of their way, to destroy my family.

Because I am a gulf veteran, and know what is going on, and shouting about it.

One day moongirl, they will be presented with a mirror for eternity, so they can state the excuse forever, and why they deny people the human act, of love.

stay strong, stay............just stay.


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ZTK Space

Fri 22nd May 2020 17:00

Hello moongirl,

I like this poem. I don't spend as much time as I should reading poetry from fellow poets. this is because I am in so much pain I am exhausted mentally every day. Recently I have even stopped producing music and spend most days in bed.

I have had a bad hernia for 22 months now, and it is at its worst and about to rupture. I cannot even cycle anymore which I could for a little while.

If I were your lover, and you feel a kindred, I wouldn't be able to knock on the door and say hello, unless I have bus fair and a wheelchair to do it. If I could though, I would, I would knock on the door of a passionate such as yourself.

I am married though but that ain't bad, she from the land of gazelles and she herself, a very passionate woman I cry for every day, as a wretched control freak is intent to keep us apart. It is happening and it is sinister.

I hope to hear from her soon, but the state has even blocked us from speaking to each other. It is like the old days of Apartheid in SA where everything and everyone was governed and controlled by a sadistic set of principles and upheld by those who don't own their own intellect.

One day, she may see me crying, i hope she does not, i hope one day, she'll just make a grab for me, and say............ know the words.

A great poem moongirl. and you yourself, a great and passionate woman.

for that, i behold to you a favorite choon of mine.........if you pass a word to my wife, please pass this choon too.



Thu 21st May 2020 03:00

Thank you Mortimer and Nigel🌷

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Nigel Astell

Thu 21st May 2020 00:39

Love is your friend
he will never leave you
but still you tell your heart
you want him to stay inside you.


Wed 20th May 2020 16:48

Reading your poems, time and time again remind me how strong of a power love is and how it gives us words to write we never knew we can write, it's a beautiful poem Moon girl


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