This may be one of those "dark" poems with an uncomfortable subject matter.  Stop reading now if you are adverse to controversy. 


Lied to
and hurt
Smiles covered with veils
Remarks edged with knives
Daggers, guns and more
They'll take it all.
and hurt.
Hands touch places - wrong
They know, they're just so young.
They'll take it all, for they know no better.
He's her father.
He knows better.
©Katy Stewart 1996
This was written when I was 14 after going to a "Zero Tolerance" workshop about domestic violence.  It's crude I know but after reading the discussion board I thought I'd share.

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Thu 6th May 2010 20:55

One of the dreadful things about child abuse is the guilt and confusion a child feels. I was once touched up by an old man I was running an errand for. It wasn't a serious offence in the grand scheme of things - but I can remember feeling so dirty and blaming myself totally. I felt I should have seen it coming, imagined I must have accidentally given the wrong signals. I never told a soul cos my mum would have had him crucified and I wondered it he was a little senile. I can still remember what I was wearing (brown furry duffle coat with cream trim, hood and toggles) How much worse must it be for children who suffer violent abuse?
I am not a fucked up adult but I have zero tolerance for any mitigating arguments.
This is quite a raw one Katy and I guess it stirs up emotions for many. After all, there is no-one more vulnerable than a child.

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Chris Dawson

Thu 6th May 2010 09:08

In more than 75% of people abused as children, it is their father (or close male relative)who is their abuser; and whilst most people have absolute sympathy for an abused child - there is very litte tolerance for the fucked-up adult they usually become.
I know this organisation is not in your area but their website is excellent, and whether it is your experience, or you are supporting someone who has been abused, I would recommend it to you very highly -

<Deleted User> (8059)

Thu 6th May 2010 09:05

Just so you know it's not written out of personal experience.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 6th May 2010 08:38

Good morning Katy-if it helps-you-to share it,pray continue! best regards-Stefan-x

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