All of us are richly blessed,

our inner eyes have seen to

it. But what of matters Jupiter

in thoughts of distant moons.

Imagine it, if on a journey

through our dreams to Mars

via the glittering starlit nights,


Galaxies on a planetary map

had brought your name to

fame. What routes might be

displayed on signposts there:

Moon Girl Mountains could

be one, The Wanderings of

Don another. And yes, the


Heights of Po a further thought.

I wonder who from the crowd

of Write Out Loud is mentioned

in the years to come. Or will

they succumb to Writer’s cramp

before their running out of fuel?

Come, give to me your thoughts


on who should next be centre

stage if artist’s palettes could

create a scheme like this – and

tell me thus, which poet might you

nominate from Writeoutloud with

suggestions for their Martian nom

de plumes in spangled galaxies




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Wed 20th May 2020 14:24

Well I'll be blown away Po - so it is. Talent unlimited.

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Wed 20th May 2020 12:38

It is up and running go take a look
I think he should next write a book

here it is P click the link
then come on back
tell us what you think.


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Wed 20th May 2020 11:59

Can't wait for Don's new build in Bloggerville - perhaps he'll name it Thalia's Croft and hold aloft the title of a champ on WOL. 👍

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Wed 20th May 2020 10:05

I must thank you for that mention P

He fell through my net... Looking back!

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Wed 20th May 2020 09:12

Thanks Po. My nomination would be for the late Mersey-sider poet Harry O'Neill. Great gentleman that he was. His profile can still be found in our directory. I wonder what his family would have wished for him to be named after in the galaxy. 👍

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Wed 20th May 2020 07:35

Great title P btw.

In answer to your question p
I think it should be YOU!


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Wed 20th May 2020 07:33

What a night, dreams upon the threshold
returned to see what's new
Don is taciturn, there's a surprise
honestly who knew.

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Don Matthews

Wed 20th May 2020 00:08

At moment am bit taciturn
Otherwise engaged
Building house in Bloggersville
(I need a second stage)

(address top of profile...all drinks yet..sorry....Thalia likes it...says she wants to keep WOL as holiday shack.....)

'The Wanderings of Don'? how apt
As I take off and travel
Equipped with rhyming bag et al
(I hope I don't unravel)


Maybe 'Philipos Greek Muse Bus Tours' signpost? I'm sure Thalia would promote it...

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Tue 19th May 2020 23:39

Watch this space
Far more to come
Of that, I am assured...

I study the stars and the planets
Astrology is my map
I'm off to bed perchance to dream
Its time to have a nap

In the morn when I arise
to P's great poem, I'll turn
and see who else has posted here
and who's sadly taciturn

Go P


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