Sometimes love is doomed

No one understands why

No walks by the sea

A moon that doesn't shine.

Hands that clash but never hold

Heads that bang as you reach for a kiss

Both speaking at the same time

Both in silence when nothing rhymes.

Hurt feelings by accident

Misunderstandings at every turn

Good intentions all gone sour,

Lifeless fade in every flower,

Restaurants that had to close,

Airplanes that were always grounded,

Bitter tears that had to flow,

Suspicions all unfounded.


Sometimes love is like a train

That never really reaches the station,

Stuck inside some fearful tunnel

Never to see the light of day,

With the platform only inches away.

Sometimes love just cannot breathe

In the desert of aching need.

The lovers admit defeat and say it's over,

Even though deep down they knew,

They were perfect for one another. 

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Hannah Collins

Tue 7th Jul 2020 15:42

Thank you so much Anmolpreet and Anna,
So good to hear from you.


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Hannah Collins

Tue 7th Jul 2020 15:41

Thank you so much Mike.


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Anmolpreet Kaur

Tue 7th Jul 2020 14:42

Sometimes bonds are made to never bond again.
A very vivid truth



Tue 7th Jul 2020 14:03

Woah, this stuff is great.


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mike booth

Fri 5th Jun 2020 17:58

Beautiful, Hannah. Deep, lyrical and romantic in a melancholy, wistful kind of way... M x

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Hannah Collins

Wed 3rd Jun 2020 18:36

Thank you so much for your comments Jennifer and Dr Kishore.


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Dr. Kishore R. Nikam

Wed 3rd Jun 2020 05:40

It's so deep in emotions and tries to fetch them all from the mystic realms of the human heart. Great Hannah.

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jennifer Malden

Sat 23rd May 2020 16:43

Really sad, and as Abdul says, so often experienced in a relationship, so unnecessarily, because the two do feel that they could still make things work, and don't really desire to hurt each other, but sometimes just can't avoid it. So very well written.


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Hannah Collins

Tue 19th May 2020 21:39

Thank you for your comment Martin.
Lovely to hear from you.


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Martin Elder

Tue 19th May 2020 21:23

Heart rending stuff indeed Hannah and so beautifully put. I particularly love the metaphor of the train and the tunnel.

Love it

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Hannah Collins

Tue 19th May 2020 21:21

Thank you so much for your comment, Moon,girl.


<Deleted User> (24283)

Tue 19th May 2020 10:05

A nice turn of events. Inevitable end. Not all are true! Many are fake! Not all men are worth being given heart to and vice versa I suppose.
In our culture arranged marriage saves a woman from all such traumas...bcz love follows marriage and may not vice versa.

Sadwrenching write!! Loved it Hannah.

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Hannah Collins

Tue 19th May 2020 09:06

Thank you Abdul, Kimberly and Tom for your very welcome comments.


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Mon 18th May 2020 10:23

Really nicely expressed Hannah and a sad truth, too.

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Mon 18th May 2020 01:12

Enjoyed this one very much, Hannah. Well said. ❤

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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 17th May 2020 21:16


A sad account littered with pessimism too often experienced in relationship. The associated pain is well observed and expressed in this poem.

Enjoyed reading it from start to finish.


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